COVID-19 Updates & Customer Information

We provide data center service and strategic support 24/7

Adjusting to the Business Impact of COVID-19

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic continues affecting organizations worldwide and we want to reassure you that Service Express is able to support our customers, partners and employees. We’re quickly and effectively responding to service tickets, parts requests and support needs with minimal or no disruption.

Adjusting to a new reality. Many of our customers are facing urgent challenges including revenue loss, staffing reductions and project cancellations. Challenges that have required them to cut costs, find efficiencies or freeze spending. If you’re facing similar challenges, we can help you with flexibility, cost-containment and new data center strategies.

Our service response and capabilities

Controlling your CapEx costs

  • If you had a hardware refresh planned in the next six months, you may be required to reconsider your options. You can eliminate the need for a costly refresh by extending the life of equipment that is meeting your business needs. Our support can help you maintain data center performance while you adjust to the COVID-19 impact in the immediate, short or long term.
  • If you’re facing a gap in support coverage, you don’t have to overspend on maintenance you may not use or need. You don’t want to be exposed or be locked into a long-term service contract. You can adapt to changing circumstances with the flexibility and cost advantages our short-term gap coverage provides.
  • New or impending budget constraints prevent brand new equipment purchases; you can still meet business demands with an alternative option. While next-generation hardware promises efficiency, speed and performance, the difference between the next generation and current generation equipment is often negligible. Our production engineers can build N-1 solutions for you that will meet your performance needs and save you 30-60% over a next-generation purchase. You can apply the savings to projects or purchases stalled by COVID-19 disruptions.

Reducing your OpEx costs

  • Take full advantage of 50-70% savings for your maintenance needs. You can quickly (and significantly) lower your maintenance costs by using a third-party maintenance solution for your server, storage and network equipment. Reach out to your account executive, call 800-940-5585, or complete this form. We will quickly determine which equipment should remain with OEM support and which equipment would be a good fit for our service.
  • Move End-of-Life (EOL) and End-of-Service-Life (EOSL) equipment to Service Express. If the OEM is limiting or no longer offering support for your equipment, it’s the right time to switch to third-party maintenance. The switch offers significant savings while allowing you to focus your efforts on more immediate priorities. You can reach out to your account executive or access our online EOL & EOSL Database.
  • Keep current equipment longer and reduce support costs. If your new purchase strategy is delayed or canceled due to unexpected budget constraints, you can lower support costs and adjust or end coverage without penalty using our cost-effective service.

Ease cash flow

  • We are offering financial flexibility during this extended period of uncertainty. Your organization may be experiencing an unprecedented disruption in its operations and we understand that it may impact both budgets and cash flow. We’re ready to help you navigate your new reality successfully – please contact your Service Express account executive today or reach us at 800-940-5585 to discuss how we can be most helpful.
  • We offer ITAD solutions for decommissioned equipment. You can benefit from our cost-effective recycling or purchase offers for nearly all data center equipment. If you have your list of recently decommissioned equipment, email it to [email protected] to see how we can help.

Our team has a track record of helping customers with effective and immediate solutions to budget constraints.

For service and/or more information about strategic next steps, please contact us at 800-940-5585. You can also reach out to your Service Express Account Executive via email or this form.

Service Update: In accordance with the most recent CDC update on April 6, 2020, our on-site engineer team are equipped with face coverings. We are taking every precaution available to protect both our customers and our service team, following all CDC and WHO recommended measures such as hand washing, social distancing and face covering.

Our Service Response and Capabilities

Below we address specific concerns regarding the impact COVID-19 may pose to our support and service delivery.

Engineer Dispatch & Service

Data center and infrastructure support is deemed an essential service and is permitted to operate during any COVID-19 shutdowns. Your local primary and secondary engineers are in place and permitted to respond quickly to your service needs outside of shelter-in-place and stay-at-home orders. Our engineers have credentials stating their essential status and allowing them to travel during statewide curfews or regulations. We are confident in our engineers’ ability to meet service level agreements within current government-issued restrictions.

Proactive Parts Delivery & Local Availability

The parts to maintain uptime for you are already on the shelf. Using OnDeck® Predictive Sparing®, we have ensured that the right parts are stocked locally for your data center in advance of a potential failure. Ongoing monitoring of parts consumption and usage analysis provide us with the data and lead time to continually stock needed parts.

Meeting Hardware Demands

As the COVID-19 impact continues to create supply chain shortages for hardware suppliers, Service Express is not experiencing hardware delays or disruptions in our supply chain at this time. We source high-quality service parts from over 300 trusted partners in our network. Using our own extensive inventory and our diversified supply chain reach, we are able to source parts and equipment in a timely manner. If you find yourself with an unexpected hardware need, our team is ready to assist.

Service Tickets

There have been no changes for opening a service ticket. As always, you can request service by submitting a ticket 24/7 through ExpressConnect® or by calling our Customer Support Team at 800-940-5585. Within 30 minutes of placing your service ticket, you will receive an engineer callback to discuss issues and next steps.

We offer data center hardware options that can meet your need for flexibility, support and cost reduction.