Brocade Support & Network Maintenance

Cost-Effective Brocade Support Services

Are you part of an IT team responsible for doing more with less? One solution for successfully navigating cutbacks includes both lowering maintenance expenses and keeping equipment running longer.

Your Brocade network equipment helps maximize network performance and we help you with uptime and extending the life of your Brocade Foundry: BigIron, FastIron and NetIron. With Service Express’ Brocade support & maintenance services, you’ll find more flexibility and significant savings over OEM maintenance.

Improved service & savings

Save 30-70% on your Brocade support.

Third-Party Brocade Support Advantages

Is Service Express’ Brocade support & network maintenance service a better fit for your data center network operations?

Technical expertise

Rely on a dedicated engineer who understands your Brocade data center equipment, business goals and priority outcomes.


Greater value

Experience user-friendly service. Spend less time “managing” support for your issues and significantly reduce your Brocade network maintenance service costs.

Easy and direct

Placing a service call can be almost as frustrating as the underlying problem, which is why we don’t make you jump through hoops or sit on hold.

Service Express’ approach to…
The Service Call

  • Call our friendly stateside customer support pros.
  • Answer these easy questions: Your name, company, contact number, location of problem equipment and brief description of the problem.
  • Talk over the issue directly with your dedicated engineer in 30 minutes or less. Average callback time is <10

Brocade Support Service Options


Brocade Support & Network Maintenance

*Software updates can be provided to resolve equipment failure (Bug, Patch, etc)

Supported Brocade Network Maintenance Products

Brocade BigIron

  • BigIron B8G
  • BigIron B8000

Brocade FastIron

  • FCX648S
  • FES4802
  • FESX424HF
  • FI-424C
  • FWS4802
  • FWS624

Brocade NetIron

  • NetIron NSR24

*We continuously add to our supported products—if you do not see your equipment listed, please contact us.

Looking for EOL & EOSL dates for your network equipment?

Meeting Your Coverage Needs

Choose the Service Level Agreement that is the best fit for your Brocade data center support.


30-minute engineer callback

Four hour on-site response


Same Business Day

30-minute engineer callback

Four hour on-site response

M-F, 8am-5pm

Next Business Day

30-minute engineer callback

Next business day on-site response

M-F, 8am-5pm


Need a customized solution?

We’ll work with you to create an SLA that meets your needs.

View all of our data center supported products

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Data Center and Network Third-Party Hardware Maintenance


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Learn how Service Express support can help maximize the value of your Brocade network equipment

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