IBM Server Maintenance & Support

Choose a Better Option for Your IBM Server Maintenance

Your IBM servers are built to last. As long as you are able to rely on support that delivers uptime and keeps costs down, your IBM equipment can meet performance demands well beyond the traditional warranty lifecycle.

Before you re-sign on your IBM warranty renewal, choose a hardware maintenance solution that emphasizes improved IBM server maintenance support and substantial savings to help you meet your data center demands and budget needs.

Service Express IBM server maintenance includes:

  • Customized coverage options for your IBM gear
  • Effective and convenient service from break/fix repairs to complex issues
  • 30-70% savings over OEM maintenance costs with no annual premiums or increases
Post-warranty service

Save 30-70% on your IBM server maintenance.

Refresh Your IBM Server Support

Service Express IBM maintenance focuses on delivering a better service experience. We’ve removed the obstacles, red tape and extra steps that interfere with streamlined, user-friendly support.
IBM server maintenance

Quicker resolution

With the right parts in the hands of a dedicated engineer, you can expect better results. Your key resources are local – reducing downtime and increasing your service satisfaction.

Connecting is easy

Getting IBM server support isn’t another problem you have to deal with. Skip the “entitlement” hold up and experience friendly, responsive service. We make it easy for you – every time.

Flexible coverage updates

Your environment changes, including shifts from mission-critical to development. Count on agreement updates, without penalties or delays, that reflect your current coverage needs.

Supported IBM Server Maintenance Products

IBM zSeries Mainframe
  • z114
  • z800
  • z890
  • Z800
  • Z890
  • Z990
  • Z9
  • Z10
  • Z114
  • Z196
  • Z12
  • Z13
IBM pSeries RS/6000
  • 7315-C02
  • RS/6000 140 / 150 / 170
  • RS/6000 240 / 260 / 270
  • RS/6000 505 / 510 / 51A
IBM xSeries
  • xSeries 336
  • xSeries 345
  • xSeries 3500 / 3550
  • xSeries 2550M2 / M3 / M4
  • xSeries 3650 / 3650M2 / M3 / M4
  • xSeries 3850 / 3950
IBM Power Systems
  • Power 5
  • Power 6
  • Power 7
  • Power 8
IBM BladeCenter
  • BladeCenter E
    • E8677
  • BladeCenter H
    • HC10
    • HS12
    • HS20 / HS21
    • HS22 / HS23
    • HT / HX5
  • BladeCenter S
    • S 7779


IBM iSeries AS/400
  • IBM 9406
  • i5 / 520
  • AS/400 150/250
  • AS/400 170/270


IBM Flex System
  • Flex System 8731
  • Flex System X240
  • Flex System X440
IBM PureFlex
  • PureFlex 7893
  • PureFlex 7953
  • PureFlex 7955
*We continuously add to our supported products—if you do not see your equipment listed, please contact us.

Looking for EOL & EOSL dates for your server equipment?

Meeting Your Coverage Needs

Choose the Service Level Agreement that is the best fit for your IBM data center support.


30-minute engineer callback

Four hour on-site response


Same Business Day

30-minute engineer callback

Four hour on-site response

M-F, 8am-5pm

Next Business Day

30-minute engineer callback

Next business day on-site response

M-F, 8am-5pm


Need a customized solution?

We’ll work with you to create an SLA that meets your needs.

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