Sun / Oracle Server Maintenance & Support

Cost-Effective Sun / Oracle Server Maintenance

Improve on the total cost of ownership (TCO) for your Sun servers with a maintenance solution that offers substantial savings. Instead of choosing between the high cost of Oracle’s post-warranty coverage or a sizable new hardware purchase, you can find an affordable alternative with Sun / Oracle server maintenance and support from Service Express.

Confidently extend the life of your Sun equipment.

As a trusted third-party maintenance (TPM) provider, we help you combat data center challenges and minimize downtime with customized support for your Sun / Oracle IT infrastructure as it moves through its lifecycle stages.

Maximize your IT budget

Save 30-70% on your Sun / Oracle server maintenance.

Sun / Oracle Server Maintenance Simplified

When you’re “fighting fires” in the data center, calling for support should be simple and quick. You need help, we can help. You aren’t slowed down by tiers and transfers – talk to your dedicated engineer within 30 minutes of placing your 90-second (on average) service call.

Reliable service in and outside of the centralized Oracle radius

Wherever your data center is, your dedicated engineer will be onsite with the right parts to repair your gear within your SLA.

More than 7×24/2 hour on-site coverage

Customize your coverage! For your less critical gear, dial it back and save. Onsite spare parts for critical servers are always an option.

Cost-effective server support fits your IT budget

Skilled engineers, local parts, responsive service. Call for reliable support without restrictions or delays and reduce your OEM maintenance costs by 30-70%.

Supported Sun / Oracle Server Maintenance Products

SunFire B-Series

  • SunFire B1600
  • SunFire B100S

SunFire E-Series

  • SunFire E2900
  • SunFire E4900
  • SunFire E6900

SunFire x86

  • Oracle x2-4

SunFire T-Series

  • SunFire T1000
  • SunFire T2000

SunFire V-Series

  • SunFire V100 / V120
  • SunFire V210 / V240
  • SunFire V440 / V480
  • SunFire V880 / V890

SPARC Enterprise

  • Enterprise T5120 / T5140
  • Enterprise T5220 / T5240
  • SPARC T4-1 / T4-2 / T4-4

Sun Netra

  • Netra 210 / 240 / 440
  • Netra T1 / T1125 / T2000
  • Netra X3-2

Additional Sun / Oracle Support

*We continuously add to our supported products—if you do not see your equipment listed, please contact us.

Looking for EOL & EOSL dates for your server equipment?

Meeting Your Coverage Needs

Choose the Service Level Agreement that is the best fit for your Sun / Oracle data center support.


30-minute engineer callback

Four hour onsite response


Same Business Day

30-minute engineer callback

Four hour onsite response

M-F, 8am-5pm

Next Business Day

30-minute engineer callback

Next business day onsite response

M-F, 8am-5pm


Need a customized solution?

We'll work with you to create an SLA that meets your needs.

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