HP Tru64 Unix & HP-UX Support

Do You Have Cost-Effective Support for Your HP Tru64 UNIX or HP-UX?

Why wait? When you have an issue, question or need HP OS support, you can rely on our expertise.

For your Tru64 UNIX or HP-UX support needs, we offer user-friendly service, technical expertise and timely resolutions. Easily reach your dedicated OS engineer for quick support when you need it most.

Custom Solutions,
Service First

Improve your HP OS support with flexible service and up to 70% savings.

HP Tru64 UNIX Technical Support

8×5 or 24/7 Tru64 support includes:

  • 30-minute engineer service callback
  • Remote login and phone support
  • Network, performance and user account troubleshooting
  • Dedicated OS software engineer

HP-UX Technical Support

8×5 or 24/7 HP-UX support includes:

  • 30-minute engineer service callback
  • OS Recovery
  • Remote login and phone support
  • VxFS filesystem maintenance
  • MirrorDisk/UX setup and troubleshooting
  • Network troubleshooting
  • Online JFS maintenance
  • Dedicated HP-UX certified engineer

Professional services for your HP OS needs:

  • OS backups and recoveries using Ignite and fbackup/frecover
  • OS updates and upgrades for existing customer software
  • SAN server filesystem configuration
  • NPAR setup
  • LVM setup
  • Security evaluation and hardening

Additional service available. Contact us for more options.

HP Tru64 & HP-UX Service Support

Easy & Direct

No phone tree or mandatory Level One. Talk to your HP OS engineer within 30 minutes of placing your service call.

HP Tru64  & HP-UX Audit Support

Trusted service

Certified and experienced. Your OS engineer specializes in Tru64 and UX support. Call with confidence for HP questions or issues.

HP Tru64 & HP-UX User Friendly Support

User-friendly admin

Built-in flexibility. Need a customized billing statement? Just ask. Adding or deleting coverage – it’s done. No delays, no penalties.

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