Sun / Oracle Solaris OS Support

Rethink Your Sun / Oracle Solaris OS Support

Sun Solaris provides performance, stability and security for your data center operations. But when there is an issue or you need flexibility in your coverage, does Oracle OS support fit your budget and service needs?

We make it easier for you. You can count on quicker responses and a more effective approach to support for your Sun Solaris OS needs. Rely on our technical expertise for quick resolutions from your dedicated OS software engineer.

Get more,
spend less

Save up to 70% on your Solaris OS support.

8×5 or 24/7 for Sun / Oracle Solaris OS coverage includes:

  • 30-minute engineer call back
  • OS recovery
  • Remote login and phone support
  • Volume management
  • UFS & ZFS filesystem, network and performance troubleshooting
  • Remote assistance with Oracle OS updates
  • Dedicated OS software engineer

Additional support for your Sun / Oracle equipment

Sun / Oracle Server Maintenance
Sun / Oracle Storage Maintenance

Professional services for your additional Sun / Oracle Solaris OS needs:

  • OS backups and recoveries
  • OS updates and upgrades for existing customer software
  • SAN server filesystem configuration
  • Zone creation and virtualization
  • Security evaluation and hardening
  • Solaris and Veritas volume manager setup
Additional services available. Contact us for more information.
Sun Solaris Oracle OS User Friendly

User-friendly admin

Built-in flexibility. Need a customized billing statement? Just ask. Adding or deleting coverage – it’s done. No delays, no penalties.

Sun Solaris Oracle OS Engineer Support

Trusted expertise

Certified and experienced, your OS engineer specializes in Solaris OS support. Call with confidence for any questions or issues.

Sun Solaris Oracle OS Status Updates

Status updates

Remove the guesswork. Your expert OS software engineer keeps you informed from start to finish.

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