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Built with security, performance and speed of delivery at its heart

Moving to the cloud can be a complicated and potentially daunting task. If you have IBM Power Systems, Microsoft Windows and Linux the number of providers you can engage with gets ever smaller. Throw your Legacy Operating Systems into the mix and your initial instincts may draw you to the conclusion that you will end up with a Hybrid Cloud Solution, with systems still running locally.

But at what cost? Hybrid clouds tend to have higher operating costs due to the amount of data being transmitted from Public Cloud providers making budgeting these variable costs a lottery.

Blue Chip Cloud has been designed from the ground up to not only provide the maximum level of resilience and security but with the flexibility to provide solutions for your entire infrastructure stack, including your Legacy Systems.

Blue Chip Cloud can host IBM Power Systems alongside Microsoft Windows and Linux all at a fixed cost, allowing you to set budgets that you can stick to. 

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Experts in Mission Critical IT Infrastructure

IBM Power Systems and the IBM i operating system are a very powerful combination, but that comes at a price. Buying and running an IBM Power System for your peak business usage means wasted compute power and money for much of the year.

As well as purchasing the server, you must ensure hardware maintenance is up kept up to date and optimise the environment it is in. Then you need to factor in high availability and disaster recovery.

You also need to scope out test and development environments, and don’t forget the legacy system you have been meaning to migrate away from for the last few years but is still essential to the business.

Catering for all these scenarios usually means your valuable IT resources are more concerned with keeping the lights on, over service improvements.

Blue Chip Cloud is extremely flexible whatever your requirement. It’s a highly secure and resilient environment to run your production workloads with the ability to scale resources for peak consumption, even as a HA or a DR target.

Our flexible cloud can utilize storage or software replication between Availability Zones with no data egress charges. It can spin up test and development environments on demand and even run your legacy workloads. Whichever way you utilize the power of IBM i, Blue Chip Cloud can help, empowering your team to take your IT to the next level.

AIX provides a powerful Unix platform for the most demanding applications but purchasing IBM Power Systems for small environments can be a costly exercise. You must ensure the environment the system resides in is maintained. Sizing the system for your peak usage may mean wasted capacity for extended periods of time.

New requirements may mean you don’t have the capacity for peak periods or systems must run sub-optimally. Combine this with skills you need to ensure the IBM Power Systems are running efficiently, VIOS is configured correctly and you have extensive monitoring tools means additional skills may be required within the business.

Blue Chip Cloud can provide flexible compute options for AIX environments. Resources can be turned up and down on request to meet peak requirements. Blue Chip Cloud is hosted in our fully owned Availability Zones, ensuring maximum availability and security of your data.

Should you require additional systems for short periods of time for testing purposes, Blue Chip Cloud can spin these up on-demand, meaning you only pay for the time you need.

Public clouds have really helped shake up the IT world. Compute and managed services instantly available on demand, where you only pay for what you use. The attraction of this has led many businesses to adopt a ‘cloud first’ strategy, with the lure of things being cheaper.

However, trying to map your Windows and Linux machines resources into the public cloud is a significant obstacle. There is never an exact match, you have a specific set of resources for a system but generally you have to buy an instance with more resources than you require, or worse still, the I/O requirements of the virtual machine mean you need to two or three times more resources than you require. This can lead to an increase in licensing costs that were never budgeted for.

Adding legacy systems to public clouds is possible but these bring in potential problems as they were never designed for these environments. Providing backups and resilience to additional Availability Zones can prove a challenge too far, sometimes resulting in these systems being left behind and adding even more complexity to your IT infrastructure.

Public clouds are getting better with transparency of costs but without knowing the amount of data going in and out of your environment and between Availability Zones or having spikes, means your spending can be highly unpredictable.

Blue Chip Cloud provides you all the advantages of public cloud and more, without the uncertainty of the variable spend. It has been designed from the ground up to ensure not only that the latest and greatest applications run securely and optimally within the environment, but your legacy applications can move right along with them.

There is no need to worry about configuring failover between Availability Zones this is done automatically. You won’t need to redesign your network for multiple zones, because Blue Chip Cloud enables you to run the same network across our zones. You can even run multiple nodes of a cluster spread across them.

You can have all this for a fixed cost no matter how much data you up or download to the systems.

As businesses have grown and expanded into the cloud, finding a single cloud provider has become a near-impossible task. First there was hybrid cloud, keeping some compute locally with some services being taken from a single cloud provider.

This has rapidly evolved into multi-cloud, which is a huge challenge in running services onsite . Managing all the connectivity, traffic flows and services becomes a big headache. On top of that, there is the pressure to ensure traffic is completely secure.

The convenient way is to pick a reputable service provider that has multiple partnerships with public cloud services.

Blue Chip Cloud takes the headache away, it is already connected to the major cloud providers meaning a secure connection can be made quickly and easily. Here are some of the services we have relationships with:

  • IBM Cloud
  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Office 365
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • ServiceNow

You’re connected in an optimal way to the clouds you require, so your business can concentrate on doing what it does best.

Service provider and public cloud availability zones can be shrouded in mystery; information is hard to find. There are many questions that need to be asked:

  • Is the location is desirable?
  • What is the tier level of the data center where the availability zone resides?
  • Does the data center have any green credentials?

Answering this is difficult, as public cloud providers typically restrict such information and don’t provide tours. Most availability zones reside in shared data centers, which means additional steps to gain authorized entry, causing delays at the most unhelpful time.

Blue Chip Cloud is different! We fully own our data centers and the availability zones inside them. You are provided with the information needed to understand location and data center tiering. You can utilize our green credentials to help offset your carbon footprint. 

As we’re in full control of the data centers, we provide extremely highly resilient Availability Zones for Blue Chip Cloud, with redundant high-speed links connecting them together. We are also in full control of access, so we can show you what you’re buying into, and our engineers are never left at the gates waiting to get in if an outage occurs.

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Our Unique Approach to Cloud Solutions

Blue Chip Cloud is built with security, performance, sustainability and speed of delivery at its heart.

Our solutions combine the confidence and peace of mind of working with an environmentally sympathetic highly secure facility for mission-critical IT infrastructure, with all the agility and speed of response that you would expect from a cloud solution. Delivering IBM platforms alongside Microsoft and Linux.

The Perfect Blend of Private and
Hybrid Cloud Solutions

We’re constantly innovating to provide our customers with the best solutions, including implementing a software-defined approach in our data centers, to deliver a next generation managed service. As a result, we can offer businesses the right blend of private and hybrid cloud solutions to meet their needs. Service Express’ multi-platform solution delivers x86 (Windows/Linux), Z Systems and IBM POWER (IBM i & AIX) from our Tier III and Tier IV Design, PCI-compliant facilities. We’re also swift to build environments, ensuring customers reap the most reward from their IT solution far more quickly.


Agility, Cost Savings and Peace of Mind

Certified to the highest security standards, and with the ability and reach to connect you to other cloud providers, our world-class UK Tier IV & Tier III data centers provide the best location for your most important applications. This means you can benefit from all the agility, cost savings and technological benefits associated with a cloud solution in a safe, secure and risk-free environment. We can provide locations in any global region for private, multi-tenant and public cloud solutions. We are on-net with over 90 data centers and have the capability the ability to link with cloud and SaaS providers of your choice.

We already support clients in over 180 countries via our cloud services and remote management across a wide range of sectors, supporting our customers’ mission critical IT workloads.

Power Cloud

Service Express holds an extensive history with IBM Midrange hardware, all the way from the IBM Systems 34, 36 & 38 to AS400, RS6000, iSeries, pSeries and their ultimate platform, IBM POWER.

Confidently anticipating the usage of a POWER system over the long term is incredibly difficult, with many businesses over- or under-estimating capacity each time they buy and own a new power system. With growing pressure to provide high service levels at a lower cost this traditional method of delivery is becoming untenable.

We were the first UK company to offer IBM POWER on demand, as IaaS and PaaS. This gives our clients complete flexibility over the compute and storage – after all, there are often peaks and troughs in usage, and these can be unpredictable.

We’ve used our extensive knowledge and skills in Linux, Red Hat Linux, AIX, IBM i and AI, along with our IBM business partnership, to build the largest and most flexible POWER Cloud available. This includes private cloud, multi-tenant and PCI compliant POWER Cloud option, tailored to individual business needs. Our extensive ISV partner network enables us to provide a true SaaS to our clients.

Service Express works to a 48-hour SLA to deliver new POWER workloads and, once live, we can provide test environments based on live system data on demand.

Our technical teams will assist you with sizing the correct solution and work closely with you to deliver the best possible migration plan, supporting you into the cloud every step of the way.

X86 Cloud for Windows and Linux Workloads

We’re a longstanding Microsoft Partner and Linux specialist. Currently, our 4th generation of x86 cloud hosting is being delivered, enabling us to provide x86 server workloads and IBM Power close together quickly and securely. Our x86 cloud services can provide a high security location and optimum performance for your most important applications.

Our x86 cloud services adhere to all 12 PCI-DSS requirements, the highest recognized security standard, ensuring that your data is safe with Service Express.

The specialist technical team at Service Express can assist with designing the best location and safe migration plan for every workload.

Built for Speed

Because we take a software-defined approach, we can deliver built environments within 48 hours. We’re proud of the high level of automation we have constructed within our UK-based data centers, which enables us to deliver incredibly high service levels, as well as providing unrivalled testing facilities for our customers.

Secure Your Data

Our data centers are regularly audited and certified at the highest security levels, including SOC2 and PCI for managed services, which means that we adhere to the stringent security criteria mandated by the Payment Card Industry. We also deploy a vast range of security software to protect customer data, from anti-DDoS to additional firewalls. Our in-house experts are accredited to build zero-trust environments and have earned security qualifications of the highest echelons.

Burst into Public Clouds

Our hybrid cloud service enables businesses to drive their own cloud solution; we can connect to other public cloud providers as chosen by our customers for those workloads that are less critical or sensitive, keeping critical infrastructure firmly under wraps within our own data centers.

Control Your Costs

We know that processing requirements change depending on business requirements. We also know that as more organizations undergo AI testing and experimentation, this will become evermore variable. That’s why our customers can match their processing requirements to demand on an ongoing basis – saving costs whilst protecting customer experience.

Reduce Your Downtime

With Blue Chip Cloud, you have a platform with outstanding resilience. Every aspect of this service has been designed to ensure the high availability of your data, providing unparalleled uptime. Our staff are on-site 24/7, providing expert hands and eyes in the Network Operations Center.

Scale to fit Your Business Needs

Choose the service and technical elements that are most important to you, using our extensive offerings of options. From operating systems to processing capabilities, you can tailor Blue Chip Cloud to your specific needs.

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