Data Center Relocations

Data Center Hardware Relocations Made Easy

Is a data center relocation plan next on your project list? You could be outgrowing your current location, moving for disaster recovery purposes or opting for a colocation. Whether migrating equipment across the data center, the state or the country – you need to account for the details to be successful.

You can count on our professional data center relocation services to help with the planning, moving and delivery of your equipment to its new location – and most importantly – the technical support to ensure the systems are ready to go back into operation.

We have experience with all types of moves nationwide – from enterprise-size data center relocation to those that are smaller in scale. You can customize the level of support to meet your desired targets and we can help you minimize risk and meet your deadlines. Contact us for a data center relocation cost estimate.

Advantages for You

  • Cost-effective data center moving support
  • Experienced data center relocation specialists
  • Service Express-certified field engineers onsite
  • 100% satisfaction


Covering the Details

Review the specifics with a data center relocation services specialist:

  • Address your objectives, timing and logistics
  • Issue your service quote
  • Schedule your move
  • Print out a data center relocation checklist to ensure all moving parts have been covered


Planning the Relocation

We coordinate and schedule all the moving parts:

  • Site evaluation (as needed)
  • Technical support
  • Transportation


Moving Day

We ensure that everything is on track and keep you informed with status updates.

  • Engineers arrive onsite
  • De-installation begins
  • Packing & transport
  • Installation at new location
  • Power up
  • Resolution of any hardware issues

How Do You Plan A Data Center Relocation?

Data Center Relocation Guide

Learn how to create your project relocation plan, determine your prerequisites, and align your resources and timing.

Data Center Relocation Checklist

This data center relocation checklist gives you a good starting point to begin creating a plan that includes relocation logistics, tasks and details.

Service Express

Data Center and Network Third-Party Hardware Maintenance


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