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We fully own our highly secure UK data centers, where sustainability and the aim to be a carbon-neutral organization are top priorities. The result is an impressive Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of 1.1, thanks to our own patented eco-cooling system, delivering ideal temperatures from adiabatic cooling, floor voids, cold aisle containment and warm air recycling.

There are many reasons why our world-class facilities are chosen for management and co-location by a wide variety of industries. One of those reasons being that we own and operate one of the few tier IV by design data centers in the UK. 

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Tier III and IV Data Centers

data centresYou have the highest levels of uptime and availability when your infrastructure is housed in our Tier IV by design data center. With the best international accreditations and certifications, this is a truly resilient home for your data. Hundreds of enterprises and organizations are hosted here, from banking and financial institutions to retail and pharmaceutical industries.

Our Tier III data center brings in further resilience, this secondary IT facility performs backup operations such as Disaster Recovery (DR) and is typically a host to test environments.


essentials for business process monitoringSecurity is of the utmost importance at both our sites, which are manned 24 hours a day by Service Express staff. There are also eight concentric layers of physical security, including measures such as palletized fencing, dual-factor authentication, proximity cards and biometrics. CCTV surveillance is constantly in operation, along with unauthorized access alarms to deter intruders. There are also full audit trails of every individual’s movements within the data centers.

Our facilities meet the world’s highest security standards required, meaning we have ISO 27001, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ISO 22301 and SOC2 accreditations. We’ve attained PCI DSS Level 1, the highest class of compliance for handling millions of credit card transactions. Our unrivalled Tier IV by design data center covers all 12 PCI requirements.


COVID-19 business continuityYou deserve uptime and high availability. Service Express has made huge investments to ensure your IT infrastructure is extremely resilient.

Our facilities have multiple external power feeds, which have independent substations. Our Tier IV by design data center follows the standard of 2 x (N+1), and our Tier III data center adheres to the N+1 standard. This design applies to our UPS, generator, fuel tanks and cooling.

We have stringent testing regimes for all our equipment and proactively carry out full load tests every three months. Both sites, if required, could run on generators indefinitely, and we contract with multiple fuel suppliers to ensure we have a diverse supply chain to avoid any contamination risks.

Both of our data centers have diverse feed routes for all Tier 1 carriers, which are routed back to separate exchanges. This ensures rapid network performance, so your IT infrastructure is highly responsive and quickly reacts with internet-based resources, such as cloud services.

We’ll take full responsibility for monitoring your equipment using our unique software, conducting regular maintenance on your behalf.

Environmental Impact

Our PUE rating of 1.1 means that we’re ranked among some of the most sustainable facilities in Europe. We’re also ISO 4001 certified, meeting the internationally agreed standard for our Environmental Management System (EMS).

We’re also striving to run as a carbon-neutral organization by partnering with the Forest of Marston Vale on their tree planting program.

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