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Practical IT Cost Containment Strategies

In this article, CFOs will learn how they can work with IT partners to cut costs quickly in uncertain and challenging times. The following information will help to generate action items for cost containment and highlight key cash conservation ideas including communicating priorities, prioritising needs and partnering with a cost-saving support option.

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FAQ: Third-Party Maintenance in the Healthcare Industry

Do you have questions about using third-party maintenance in your healthcare-related data centre? We have the answers for you. Address questions like "Will we still be HIPAA and data protection compliant if we use a TPM provider?" "Can you meet the strict SLAs necessary for the healthcare industry?" and more.

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5 Basics for Disaster Recovery in the Data Centre

5 efficient and effective steps to data centre disaster recovery: Understanding the impact of a disaster on your organisation as a whole Pre-determining disaster recovery team members Creating your disaster recovery plan Determining your recovery time objective (RTO) & recovery point objective (RPO) Testing your disaster recovery plan Continue reading to learn: What is disaster […]

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5 Factors in Reducing IT Maintenance Costs

How to do more, spend less and reduce IT maintenance costs. Factors to consider for data centre third-party maintenance: What is the risk? What does cost look like? Who is my contact if I have different brands of equipment? How do I get flexible support? How do I know it’s reliable?

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Third-Party Maintenance (TPM) vs OEM Support

OEM support vs. third-party support – be prepared with what to know for each: how costs differ and why, coverage and service offers of each, flexibility and support options for both, is there possibility of customisation? Which fits your needs better? Which option should you choose?

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Rethink Six Myths Behind OEM Maintenance

6 OEM myths to question: Don’t extend warranty support; it’s better to buy new. It’s time to buy new when equipment is End-of-Life or End-of-Service-Life. Only the OEM can make updates to storage software. Support is always provided by an OEM engineer. OEM engineers are trained storage experts with insider knowledge. The best service delivery is provided by the OEM.