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National Healthcare Provider Eliminates Service Gaps at Over 60 Data Centre Locations with Service Express Partnership

IT professionals deserve a level of service based on a foundation of trust, reliability, technical expertise and partnership. Yet IT teams continue to settle for data centre support that does not meet their needs or expectations.

After years of poor communication, missed SLAs and delayed repairs, IT leaders at a national healthcare provider decided it was time for a change. In searching for a maintenance solution to improve service quality, flexibility and savings for over 60 hospital data centres throughout the US, the company partnered with Service Express.

Challenges Uncovered

Inconsistent service and unsatisfactory customer support from existing maintenance providers.

After initial conversations, it became clear IT leaders were unhappy with their support due to frequent complications including:

  • Lack of communication and status updates from engineers regarding critical problems requiring immediate resolution
  • Inability to deliver parts within desired timeframes
  • Slow engineer responses and parts delays at remote locations resulting in unacceptable levels of downtime
  • Long response times and frequent repair mistakes raised concerns regarding onsite engineers’ technical expertise


United States

“Our account teams have never told us ‘we can’t do that.’ The answer has always been ‘we’ll find some way to make that happen’.”

– Healthcare Provider CTO

The Service Express Solution

Network benefits include user-friendly support and rapid resolutions

Service Express always provides more than just a cost-saving solution by offering responsive service, advanced support and more. Support differentiators include:

  • Quick and effective communication using ExpressConnect® to place service tickets, view active agreements and connect with their field service engineers
  • Streamlined ticketing and monitoring solutions with the free ExpressConnect ServiceNow integration
  • Correct parts locally stocked using OnDeck® Predictive Sparing® technology to proactively identify and order parts for common failures
  • Reliable technical service with primary and secondary engineers experienced in supporting Dell, Cisco, IBM and other OEM equipment
  • Customised parts profiles for visibility, accuracy and effective maintenance for 60+ locations

The Results

IT department gained confidence through consistency and improved service delivery

The healthcare provider increased productivity and eliminated extended periods of downtime due to parts delays. Since making the switch, the company has directed all its healthcare facilities to transition their post-warranty maintenance to Service Express. With a true dedicated partner in the data centre, IT teams now have more time to focus on important projects such as streamlining processes, refreshing equipment and more.

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