Third-Party Maintenance Provider Checklist

Whether you are new to third-party maintenance (TPM) or a seasoned pro, use this set of checklists to help you evaluate and find an excellent third-party maintenance provider.

Pro tip: before you read further, make sure you understand the basics: what is third-party maintenance?

How to Find a Third-Party Maintenance Provider: Checklist

How to find the right third-party maintenance provider for your data center

Does the TPM provider prioritize responsiveness and reduced downtime?

✓ Designated engineers specialized in supporting your equipment type

✓ On-site response and repair (not simply drop ship parts/phone support)

✓ Local parts inventory spared to support your data center equipment

✓ Low account-to-engineer ratio

✓ Straightforward escalation procedures

✓ First-trip repair rate greater than 90%

Are you able to access support quickly and easily – from placing a service ticket to making changes to coverage?

✓ 24/7 Call center with in-house customer support team

✓ Customer portal with real-time view of equipment coverage, warranty tracking, and the option to place service tickets

✓ A quick call from your engineer for each new service ticket placed

✓ Single point of contact who provides help with billing needs and agreement updates

What flexible options does the TPM provider offer that meet your support needs?

✓ Multi-vendor support: Cisco, Dell EMC, IBM, HPE and other major OEMs

✓ Multi-platform support: server, storage, and network maintenance services

✓ Gap coverage options: flexible time frames

✓ Clear, measurable data center SLAs: 24/7, Same Business Day, Next Business Day and more

✓ Customized solutions for service, billing, terms & conditions

How does the TPM provider help you maximize your IT budget?

✓ Lowers data center maintenance costs 30-85% from OEM pricing

✓ No charges or penalties for adding or deleting equipment coverage

✓ No hidden cost increases

Is the TPM provider recognized for its results, expertise and experience?

✓ Customer retention

✓ Customer satisfaction

✓ Customer references

✓ Company profile

✓ Gartner-recognized

How to Find a Third-Party Maintenance Provider: Checklist

Download a copy of this checklist

to help you evaluate and find an excellent third-party maintenance provider.

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