International Delivery Company Solves Service Obstacles and Saves $5 Million in OpEx Costs

The distribution company dealt with repeated service gaps, support issues and a lack of confidence in their current third-party maintenance (TPM) provider’s expertise. Interaction with its OEM and third-party vendors was complex, frustrating and inefficient. The team found it difficult to effectively work on priorities because of the hours needed to organize and follow up on the service responses for critical failures.

A new solution would include responsive communication, reliable service and consistent responses. The IT team connected with Service Express to support over 400 systems, including Brocade, EMC, HPE and IBM, in 28 locations.

Transportation and Warehousing

$5M in OpEx savings

Eliminated hours spent chasing OEM and TPM engineers after placing a service ticket

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Challenges Uncovered

Lack of confidence in engineer’s technical abilities and complicated support left the IT department frustrated

Managing multiple support partners to provide maintenance on equipment can require additional resources. Service Express identified several underlying problems impacting the IT department’s productivity:

  • Lack of confidence in technical abilities of onsite engineers
  • Ever-changing engineer lineup requiring new data center authorizations
  • Repair delays due to the wrong parts
  • Time wasted tracking down engineers and looking for status updates on critical projects

The Service Express Solution

Local certified dedicated engineers with technical expertise

Service Express offers several advantages to ensure support quality is the first priority:

  • Local certified engineers and an office located close to their
    primary data center in Pennsylvania
  • One multivendor agreement to simplify account coverage and service ticket process
  • Site inventories completed in all 20+ locations for accuracy and parts data
  • Local parts inventory proactively stocked for each data center using OnDeck® Predictive Sparing®
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The Results

User-friendly service, local dedicated engineers and the right parts at the right time

By moving their hardware support to a trusted partner, the company saved $5 million in OpEx costs.

With Service Express providing data center maintenance and consultative solutions, the IT department can stop following up on service with OEM and TPM engineers and focus on critical projects. The company’s IT leaders move forward confidently with infrastructure plans, knowing they can rely on Service Express as a trusted extension of their in-house team.

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