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Our In a Flash series aims to educate IT professionals on popular topics and solutions for data centers in a concise and straightforward way.
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Meet the Experts

Our experts have practical and hands-on experience when it comes to data center maintenance. Whatever your question, they’re able to answer it in a flash.

Chad Peters

Over the past 24 years, Chad has gained extensive first-hand experience not only serving our customers but our people. Chad is passionate about coaching and mentoring others about alternatives that can help them save time and money in their data center.

Brandon Harmsen

Brandon has around 14 years of experience helping customers with their networking maintenance solutions. After joining Service Express in 2017, Brandon quickly began sharing knowledge to his partners about the various benefits of third-party support and what it means for their data centers.


Alternatives to
Smart Net

In this episode, Brandon, Smart Net solutions strategist at Service Express helps you understand the alternatives to Cisco Smart Net for your data center.

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Season 1

What is third-party maintenance (TPM)?


What is Third-Party Maintenance (TPM)?

What is end of life (EOL) & end of service life (EOSL)?


What is End of Life (EOL) & End of Service Life (EOSL)?

Alternatives to Smart Net Support


Alternatives to Smart Net

Service Express

Data Center and Network Third-Party Hardware Maintenance


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