How do you leverage data center infrastructure to meet demand?

Breaking With Tradition: Embracing the New Data Center

In this informative on-demand learning session, our Director of Infrastructure Solutions walks you through the evolution of the data center while providing a comparative look at traditional, converged, hyperconverged and cloud models.

Chad shares real-world industry insights into:

  • Traditional, converged, hyperconverged and cloud model pros & cons
  • Data center capabilities, performance and costs
  • Why a hybrid data center approach is the preferred strategy

“Breaking With Tradition: Embracing the New Data Center” helps prepare you with a practical understanding of data center infrastructure options.

A hybrid strategy to data center infrastructure

By understanding the advantages that each data center model offers, IT professionals are choosing to implement a hybrid solution for greater flexibility, capacity and cost savings.

Data Center Model Comparison: Traditional vs Converged vs Hyperconverged vs Cloud
Chad Peters | Director of Infrastructure Solutions

Chad Peters

As Director of Infrastructure Solutions, Chad shares insights and advice on OEM products and roadmaps. He consults with customers to improve hardware and software strategies, using data analytics and experience to provide better intelligence for performance, reliability and cost savings decisions.

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