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Supermicro Server Support & Maintenance

Post-Warranty Supermicro Server Maintenance

Looking for a different option for maintenance support on your Supermicro SuperServer? Choose coverage options with SLAs that include 4-hour, Same Day, Next Business Day and a customized offering for additional flexibility.

When you encounter data center downtime, you can count on Service Express to help you restore Supermicro server performance and productivity quickly.

Supermicro Savings

Reduce costs by 30-70% on your Supermicro server maintenance.

The Supermicro Server Maintenance Alternative

You can opt for Service Express, a leading third-party maintenance provider, to replace your Supermicro support solutions. In addition to reducing costs, we offer hardware support that is easy, quick and effective for you.

Supermicro Server Maintenance

User-friendly support

Say hello to a service partner who makes Supermicro server maintenance easier for you.

Local parts inventory

Ready for your call. OnDeck™ Predictive Sparing™ ensures the right parts at the right time for you.

Supported Supermicro Server Maintenance Products

Minimize downtime and keep your Supermicro SuperServer working longer for you with Service Express post-warranty maintenance.

Supermicro SuperServer

  • Please contact us for supported models

Additional Supermicro Support

*We continuously add to our supported products—if you do not see your equipment listed, please contact us.

Meeting Your Coverage Needs

Choose the Service Level Agreement that is the best fit for your Supermicro data center support.


30-minute engineer callback

Four hour on-site response


Same Business Day

30-minute engineer callback

Four hour on-site response

M-F, 8am-5pm

Next Business Day

30-minute engineer callback

Next business day on-site response

M-F, 8am-5pm


Need a customized solution?

We’ll work with you to create an SLA that meets your needs.

View all of our data center supported products

Learn how Service Express can help support your Supermicro server products

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