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International medical equipment manufacturer migrates to the cloud quickly and efficiently

The downsizing of locations posed serious issues for a medical equipment manufacturer’s IT infrastructure, with a challenge to consolidate AIX environments around the world into a single cloud-hosted service.

This is an industry where technology demands continue to grow as new requirements emerge. Having provided hardware maintenance for their core systems since 2007, our relationship with this manufacturer was undoubtedly strong, which is why they approached us for help in migrating to the cloud. 

Unsupported systems and a lack of in-house expertise required Service Express’ help in migrating AIX environments 

One major option for modernising the IT infrastructure was to have it managed as a cloud service, but this move threw up some concerns for the board: 

  • Many of the systems were unsupported by the OEM 
  • The company lacked in-house expertise for such a migration 
  • Customised backup scripts ran the risk of failure in a new environment 
  • Any such cloud service would need to ensure rapid performance and solid uptime for international users 


New York, NY

Service: Global Secure Hybrid Cloud

“We already had a relationship with Service Express beforehand and had executed some on-premise upgrades which had been done very professionally. The cloud migration project planning process made it clear that the right questions were being asked and due diligence was being done before we signed the agreement.” 

– Solution Architect, Medical Equipment Manufacturer 

How we carefully handled the cloud transition of several customised AIX platforms 

Following a consultation with us, the solution we proposed was to consolidate the company’s IT infrastructure onto our Global Secure Hybrid Cloud. We looked carefully at their technology and explained how this could not be a standard migration.  

The first task would be to update the operating systems and applications. The aim was to ensure every aspect of the manufacturer’s bespoke set-up would run just as well on the cloud as it had in an on-premises environment. 

Our engineers have the experience and expertise to handle the intricacies of custom IT infrastructure. The customised backup scripts were adapted, and we provided AIX hosting services that provided the uptime, resilience and performance expected of international cloud demands. 

An impressive migration into our Global Secure Hybrid Cloud 

We worked carefully with the company’s IT team. A dry run was carried out before system cutovers, before pressing ahead with the transition of the UK and South Korean environments into Secure Hybrid Cloud. 

Our carefully implemented migration methodology impressed the company’s solution architect. From signing the agreement right through to its implementation, the process took around three months. As soon as backup tapes were given to Service Express engineers, the systems went live a mere 18 hours later. 

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