Data Center Parts: PartsEdge

Our “Right Parts at the Right Time” process to supporting your server, storage and network equipment

More uptime in your data center

For successful hardware maintenance, we prepare for failures in the data center using our experience and data analytics. PartsEdge™ is how we proactively reduce service gaps, slowdowns and inefficiencies by stocking the right quality data center parts locally to support your server, storage, and networking equipment.

It’s a parts process that ensures the right results for your operations 24/7.

In addition to our locally-stocked inventory, we have over 150,000 parts in our technical center to keep data centers like yours up and running when you need it the most. See how we do it!

Data Center Parts: PartsEdge Audit

Equipment Insight

A detailed data center parts audit to generate:

Accurate, standardized parts profiles for your server, storage, and networking equipment

A current inventory snapshot of your data center environment

A confirmation of the equipment on agreement and in your data center

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Data Center Parts: PartsEdge OnDeck Predictive Sparing

Parts Availability

Predictive sparing delivers more uptime for you

Real-time analysis of parts usage identifies hardware failure trends

Parts delays are eliminated by stocking local inventory using OnDeck® data

Effective data center parts management ensures a first-trip repair and increased productivity

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Data Center Parts: PartsEdge Quality Data Center Parts

Quality Assurance

Industry leader in quality parts for your peace of mind

Data center parts are quality tested in our purpose-built enterprise production lab

Additional parts are sourced from our global vendor network of over 300 trusted partners

99.85% inventory accuracy for fast, reliable support

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Data Center Parts: PartsEdge 97% First-Trip Repair

First-Trip Repair Success

Data Center Parts: PartsEdge 99% Onsite Response Rate

On-Site Response Met

Data Center Parts: PartsEdge 99.9% Inventory Accuracy

Inventory Accuracy

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