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Equipment Insight

A detailed parts audit for your data center

A customized parts strategy for you

To spare the parts needed to maintain uptime on your server, storage and network equipment, we complete an extensive parts audit for your data center infrastructure. 

Smarter support starts with using the Equipment Insight to build a customized parts profile of your data center hardware.

Detail-driven parts management


With an accurate and standardized parts profile for your equipment, we connect your data to our OnDeck Predictive Sparing system to identify and locally stock the parts needed to support your data center.


Keeping track of what’s been added, removed or altered in the data center can be an easily overlooked and time-consuming task. The Equipment Insight provides a current inventory snapshot of your environment to use for parts stocking and asset management.



The Equipment Insight ensures that there is a match between the equipment on your agreement and in your data center. Mergers, buyouts, refreshes and leases can make it hard to accurately record your equipment and we take this additional step to eliminate oversights that could impact your service.


Our people-powered approach sets the standard for what service can and should be

Our “Right Parts at the Right Time” process to supporting your server, storage and network equipment

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