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To ensure successful repairs and increased uptime for you, we use only quality new and recertified parts. With over 20,000 square feet of shelf space in our Distribution Center, we act as our own single largest parts vendor.  We also source parts directly from Dell, HPE, Cisco, and other trusted partners.


In our Enterprise Production Lab, we take quality control steps, including: cleaning parts, stress testing, NIST-compliant data erasure, and other functionality tests. 


A comprehensive approach to data center parts


Parts are run through a full battery of tests in our purpose-built Enterprise Production Lab to ensure functionality and cleanliness.


Parts are sourced from over 300 trusted partners in our worldwide vendor network. Each partner must meet a set of quality standards and ongoing results-based metrics.



With 99.85% inventory accuracy, we have the parts needed to maintain uptime for your server, storage and network equipment. 

Our people-powered approach sets the standard for what service can and should be

Our “Right Parts at the Right Time” process to supporting your server, storage and network equipment

Service Express

Data Center and Network Third-Party Hardware Maintenance


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