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Third-Party Maintenance Customer Perspective | FinThrive

Opting Out of Skyrocketing OEM Maintenance Costs

Third-party support aiding business in cost-effective solutions

Chief Information Officer Jan Ross shares how making the switch to Service Express has been the right choice for FinThrive.

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Industry: Healthcare Solutions
Location: Alpharetta, GA

From Patient-to-Payment℠, FinThrive provides the technology, advisory expertise, services, analytics and education programs health care organizations need to thrive in the communities they serve. FinThrive integrates knowledge and expertise of the entire revenue cycle in a way that provides unmatched benefits for health care. FinThrive empowers health care for every one in every community by transforming financial and operational performance, enabling health care organizations to thrive.

Improving Value

After joining FinThrive, I focused on addressing the rising cost of OEM maintenance. Even though we were using a third-party support provider at the time, I was unsure if we were getting the most value for our spend. To find the right solution, we brought in Service Express to provide us with a competitive bid. I trusted Service Express’ ability to lower our data center maintenance costs and provide excellent service based on my previous experience with their support. It made sense to work with them again at FinThrive.

Embracing Change

I’m familiar with the hesitation that accompanies the transition from OEM to third-party maintenance. Although change can be scary, you can trust Service Express to meet your data center support needs. Our partnership with them enables FinThrive to continue to invest in true business needs over costly hardware maintenance.

“We work with Service Express because they are a strong partner who is attentive to our needs and committed to our success.”

Jan Ross
Chief Information Officer, FinThrive

Lowering Costs

Service Express lives up to their commitment to providing data center maintenance at a much lower rate than the OEMs or other third-party services. I’ve been impressed with their engineer knowledge, responsiveness, parts availability, and consistency. Service Express has made a significant impact on my operating expenses while maintaining (or over-delivering) the level of service in the past. We appreciate all that they do and couldn’t ask for better support!

Jan Ross
Chief Information Officer, FinThrive

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