Service Express is not experiencing, nor do we anticipate, supply chain disruptions that would impact your service. Our supply chain is diversified and does not rely on any vendors in the Asia-Pacific region. Your local primary and secondary engineers are in place and able to respond quickly. View updates

Data Center Resources

A collection of testimonials, papers, webinars, videos and other content to educate, clarify and demonstrate data center knowledge and insights.

Find end-of-life & end-of-service-life dates here

Articles & Insights

Learn more about support, hardware, strategy and options in the data center

On-Demand Webinars

Informative 30-minute webinars to help you evaluate server, storage and network data center maintenance

Customer Stories

First-person accounts of our people-powered approach to data center hardware maintenance


Take a look at advantages of third-party maintenance with Service Express – predictive sparing, parts quality, data center support and more

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