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Chad Peters | Service Express

How to Leverage Data Center Infrastructure: Embracing the New Data Center

Breaking With Tradition: Embracing the New Data Center

In this informative on-demand learning session, our Director of Infrastructure Solutions walks you through the evolution of the data center while providing a comparative look at traditional, converged, hyperconverged and cloud models.

Chad shares real-world industry insights into:

  • Traditional, converged, hyperconverged and cloud model pros & cons
  • Data center capabilities, performance and costs
  • Why a hybrid data center approach is the preferred strategy

“Breaking With Tradition: Embracing the New Data Center” helps prepare you with a practical understanding of data center infrastructure options.

A hybrid strategy to data center infrastructure

By understanding the advantages that each data center model offers, IT professionals are choosing to implement a hybrid solution for greater flexibility, capacity and cost savings.

An infographic of how traditional, converged, hyperconverged, and cloud compare to one another.

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