Hardware Solutions

Save time, meet demands and redirect resources with end-to-end Hardware Solutions. Our team of hardware experts assists with providing the solutions you need anywhere in the hardware life cycle.

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Data Centre Hardware

Optimise your environment and plan for future needs with new, recertified and refurbished custom-built systems from top manufacturers.

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IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)

Our ITAD specialists securely recycle or dispose of unused data centre hardware so you can make room for new equipment.

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IBM Hardware

Discover the best IBM solution to meet evolving needs with help from our IBM Power Champions and consultants along the way.

Service Express

Data Center and Network Third-Party Hardware Maintenance

Gartner Peer Insights Custom First
  • 5 Reviewed Nov 8, 2023

    SEI has been a great resource for us. Their techs have been knowledgeable and even when we need only parts shipped to sites that have our own staff, they always make sure we

    (read more)
  • 5 Reviewed Oct 27, 2023

    Service Express has made it easier for us to keep our legacy hardware past the OEM support contract. When it comes time to renew most of our purchases we usually check first

    (read more)
  • 5 Reviewed Oct 27, 2023

    I could not have asked for better customer support, which includes technical design and architecture, understanding of our requirements and pain points, and post-sale support

    (read more)
  • 5 Reviewed Oct 31, 2023

    Fantastic experience overall – Service Express has been very flexible and responsive. They came in at a price point that worked for the organization and are very easy to work

    (read more)
  • 5 Reviewed Jul 31, 2023

    The engineers are well experienced and have good knowledge. They have timely responses.

    (read more)
  • 5 Reviewed Jul 21, 2023

    Service Express has provided hardware services for our older servers and storage well after the manufacturer has dropped support and they do it for much less.

    (read more)
  • 5 Reviewed Jul 17, 2023

    They truly try to help customers save money without sacrificing support or degraded service. This service will truly help you optimize your budget dollars and extend the life of technology hardware.

    (read more)
  • 5 Reviewed Jul 13, 2023

    Switching Service Express is the best decision we have made

    (read more)
  • 5 Reviewed May 1, 2023

    We had a great experience with them. They are more concerned with getting things fixed for us than making sure they get paid. We had one location that was not in the contract.

    (read more)

Hardware Solutions FAQ

We offer current generation IBM Hardware and new, recertified and refurbished server, storage and networking Data Centre Hardware from the top manufacturers.  

Yes. Our Infrastructure Sales Consultants work alongside your team to discover the best hardware solution for your business, including system builds, customisation, configuration, installation, deployment and more. 

ITAD is the practice of responsibly reusing, disposing and recycling of unused, unwanted or decommissioned IT hardware. ITAD is important for various reasons, including security, sustainability, social responsibility and more.  
Read more about ITAD and its benefits: What is IT Asset Disposition (ITAD), and why is it important? 

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Connect with a hardware expert to discover your options