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Specialty Cloud for IBM Power

Experience the agility, flexibility and scalability of the cloud for essential workloads without the complexity or risk of rearchitecting your applications.

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Built to manage your mission-critical applications

We understand that some workloads and applications don’t fit most public cloud architectures, making it challenging to adopt a cloud solution. That’s why we developed our Specialty Cloud for IBM Power solution to integrate with your existing applications, eliminating the headache of rearchitecting workloads.

Partnering on your cloud journey

Our fully managed Specialty Cloud solution allows you to focus on core business objectives with confidence, supported by a partner you can trust.

The private cloud solution is built on IBM Power to provide exceptional performance and reliability for demanding workloads. Seamlessly integrate with cloud-based software solutions, services and technologies for a cloud environment tailored to your flexibility and mobility needs.

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Migrate your workloads to a
single-point cloud solution

By consolidating expertise in the IBM Power and x86 platforms, managed operating systems, connectivity, security and recovery, you benefit from a single-point solution that streamlines management and support channels.


Focus on your core business objectives with confidence

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Managed Operating Systems

Fully managed operating system (OS) support. Your OS environments are configured and maintained by experienced certified specialists, ensuring reliable and secure operation.

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IaaS Managed Backup

Automated backup and restore processes, data replication and disaster recovery planning to ensure business continuity.

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IBM Power IaaS

Fully managed infrastructure, including servers, storage, and networking, which is optimised for IBM Power Systems architecture.

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x86 IaaS

To compliment your IBM Power workloads, we can support any x86 workload that requires low latency connectivity to your IBM Power systems within our Speciality Cloud.

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Managed Firewall Services

Network security features such as intrusion detection and prevention, virtual private networking (VPN) and access controls to safeguard the cloud infrastructure and data.

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Connectivity Services

A choice of managed connectivity options are available to you to connect to the Specialty Cloud.

Benefits of Specialty Cloud for IBM Power

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Enhance performance and security

Scalability, performance and reliability for your business-critical workloads on AIX, IBM i or Linux. Manage risks with features including end-to-end encryption, access controls and built-in compliance frameworks.

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Resiliency and mobility

Our platform delivers exceptional resiliency and can handle simultaneous failures without impacting critical operations. Simplify workload migrations to ensure continuous availability of critical applications and services with enhanced mobility.

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Adapt to demands and drive future innovation

Quickly scale up or down based on your changing business requirements – granting you the agility and flexibility when you need it to support your digital transformation.

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Streamline management

Focus on what matters the most to your business by eliminating the need to manage physical infrastructure, operating system (OS) upgrades, backups, connectivity and security with our fully managed service.

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Support sustainability goals

Leverage data centres powered by 100% renewable energy with eco-cooling and energy-efficient infrastructure.

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Rely on our expertise

Our in-house support teams have decades of experience specialising in IBM Power, IBM i, AIX, Linux, Windows, security and more, providing peace of mind.

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Partner with us on your cloud journey