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Carbon Emissions Savings Calculator

Make environmentally conscious decisions by evaluating the carbon impact of your data centre equipment.

Calculate your carbon impact

Generate your estimated carbon savings by prolonging hardware life cycles.

The manufacturer warranty that comes
with new hardware (average 1–3 years).

Years you plan to keep equipment after
the original warranty ends.

Your estimated carbon savings*


of CO2


Calculations are based on public data from the EPA.
Due to rounding, results may not be exact and
are to be used as estimates only.

pounds of coal burned

homes' electricity for one year

Address your data centre’s carbon footprint

It’s imperative to adopt sustainable business practices and solutions. Below are several ways you can prioritise data centre sustainability and carbon avoidance.

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Evaluate hardware refresh cycles

Hardware icon

Maintain and repurpose existing equipment

Dollar icon

Consider refurbished or recertified hardware

Eco friendly icon

Responsibly dispose of used equipment

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Drive your impact

Working together for a more sustainable future 

Confronting the changes in our planet is a collective effort. That’s why we encourage you to take action and identify areas of opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint. Our experts work alongside your team to refine current equipment refresh and hardware strategies to navigate your options.

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Take the next step to extend equipment life cycles

*All environmental background data and methodology of the Carbon Emissions Savings Calculator are based on publicly available emissions information and equipment life cycle assessments made by manufacturers or independent third parties. Results are estimates only and provided “as is” based on the information submitted and are not to be used for formal emissions reporting or relied upon as a single information source. The formula doesn’t take specific information or personal circumstances into account and no warranty is given as to their accuracy or completeness. We recommend carrying out your own investigations and assessments based on circumstances.