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ExpressConnect® Account Management

Transform the way you manage support

Access what you need. Take control of your data center support with visibility into your coverage and agreement details. With ExpressConnect® Account Management, you can accurately report, forecast and plan for projects and hardware refreshes. We help you manage your data center more efficiently with the right information all in one place.

Account Management Features

  • View agreements and SLAs
  • Manage coverage and request updates to agreements
  • Live chat 24/7 with our in-house customer support team
  • Track and review warranty coverage
  • View equipment supported by ExpressConnect Monitoring
  • Identify hardware reaching EOL & EOSL

Responsive on-demand support

Live chat with our knowledgeable in-house customer support team 24/7 for answers and assistance. 

Adjustable coverage to match your needs

Manage your support with flexibility as your data center needs change. You can easily request penalty-free updates to agreements and SLAs at any time.

Access anywhere, anytime

Find the information you want in our secure platform using any device. 

Plan ahead for coverage needs

Identify data center equipment approaching end of life and end of service life. You can view over 20,000 products in our EOL & EOSL database

Account Management FAQs

For additional questions or to see a demo of all our Account Management features, please contact us.

How do I keep track of my warranty coverage in ExpressConnect?

You’re able to store and view equipment warranty dates in our all-in-one solution. As a warranty expiration approaches, you can:

  • Add equipment to Service Express coverage
  • Renew OEM support and update your new warranty date for accuracy
  • Remove decommissioned equipment from warranty tracking

We know it’s busy out there, and we don’t want you to overlook an expiration date!

Can we have multiple user accounts in ExpressConnect?

Yes! Your account admin can easily add users to ExpressConnect. Each new user will receive an email with steps to complete set-up.

You can assign access permissions based on location or agreement and reactivate/deactivate an account as needed.

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