ExpressConnect Monitoring

Automate your data center support with hardware monitoring

Stay focused on your priorities. We take the lead in handling disruptions and downtime in the data center using hardware monitoring. Once a fault is detected, a ticket is immediately opened for you, followed by a call from your engineer to discuss the service plan. You no longer need to stop what you’re doing to report a service issue.

You can always count on monitoring alerts, automated ticketing and the right parts to increase service speed and uptime in your data center.

How ExpressConnect® Monitoring automates support:

How Does ExpressConnect Monitoring Work?

ExpressConnect® Monitoring Advantages

Don’t call us, your system already did! ExpressConnect® Monitoring is an automated 24/7 hardware support solution for your data center. It eliminates the need for you to monitor for equipment failures and to request service.

Upgrade to automated support

Problems are automatically diagnosed and ticketed for you. With real-time monitoring alerts, you don’t have to check for red lights, place tickets or wait for a support response.

Works for your infrastructure

Server, storage and network capabilities to automate alerts and ticketing for your diverse data center environment.

Target what’s important to you

To minimize the white noise, you control the type and quantity of incoming notifications preferred with customized filtering.

Data-driven for fast first-time fixes

Monitoring combines automation and OnDeck® Predictive Sparing® to help resolve issues faster for you. Every alert includes a diagnosis and hardware insights from multiple data sources.

No worries—it’s secure

ExpressConnect Monitoring is secure for your data center environment. The system meets NIST compliance standards and is security-certified by the KR Group.

Integrate your solutions

Leverage alerts from your existing monitoring system to trigger our automated diagnostic and ticketing support.

ExpressConnect® Monitoring Integrations

ExpressConnect Monitoring integrates with the following third-party providers:

ExpressConnect® Monitoring Supported Products


  • Catalyst
  • Firewalls
  • MDS
  • Nexus
  • Routers
  • UCS Series


  • EqualLogic
  • Force10
  • MD Disk Storage
  • PowerEdge

Dell EMC

  • Avamar
  • Celerra
  • Clariion
  • Data Domain
  • Disk Library
  • Isilon
  • Symmetrix
  • vBLOCK
  • VNX
  • VNXe
  • XtremIO


  • Enterprise Disk Storage
  • HNAS
  • Modular Storage


  • 3Par
  • EVA
  • HP 9000
  • Integrity RX
  • LeftHand SAN
  • MSA
  • Nimble
  • Proliant
  • XP Series


  • 3584 Tape Library
  • DS Enterprise
  • DS Mid-Range
  • Enterprise Servers
  • ESS
  • FlashSystem
  • FlashSystem V9000
  • IBM Appliances
  • Mid-Range Servers
  • N-Series
  • Storwize
  • XIV Enterprise


  • E-Series
  • FAS Disk Storage
  • SolidFire


  • AdicScalar i2000

ExpressConnect® Monitoring FAQs

Find answers to common questions about ExpressConnect Monitoring. To explore how automation and hardware monitoring improve your data center maintenance, please contact us to learn more.

How does Monitoring work?
Using the built-in monitoring that is part of your server, storage and network equipment, ExpressConnect Monitoring immediately detects the hardware issue, opens a ticket for you, adds related service diagnostics and notifies our service team. Within 30 minutes, your engineer calls to discuss plans for your service.
I’m not happy with the way my current monitoring system handles hardware failure alerts. Can you help with that?

We can work with your current monitoring platform to streamline your service. Integrating your monitoring solution with ExpressConnect allows for better support and automates the service experience. The two systems can work together to minimize downtime and improve efficiency. You get time back in your day that would have been spend creating and managing service tickets.

How will ExpressConnect Monitoring be implemented within my data center?
In order for our service engineers to install ExpressConnect Monitoring, we will need remote access to your equipment and an environment to deploy the virtual appliance. Once deployed, technical support will complete configuration and testing remotely. Any system monitored by ExpressConnect will simply add its IP address as an SNMP destination. It typically takes 10 minutes per system for configuration.

For a physical install, the onsite appliance takes approximately 2 hours to deploy and then another 10 minutes per each system.

How secure is ExpressConnect Monitoring?
Data center security is always top of mind and is included in the design of ExpressConnect Monitoring. Our system is
based on a security hardened version of Linux that is patched and maintained by Service Express. ExpressConnect Monitoring is NIST compliant and we monitor for security alerts and have locked down any unnecessary ports and applications to eliminate ports exposed to incoming internet traffic.

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