ExpressConnect Integrations

Streamline your data center support

Keep it simple. Continue using your existing monitoring and ticketing systems to quickly resolve hardware issues in your data center. By integrating with ExpressConnect®, you increase efficiency, automate support and spend less time managing your data center maintenance.

Connect the power of your monitoring and ticketing systems with our automated solution for speed, convenience, and reliability.

Featured integrations:

If you use another monitoring or ticketing solution, contact us to discuss more integration options.

ExpressConnect® Integration Advantages:

Incorporate data center maintenance insights into your existing ticketing and monitoring platforms by integrating ExpressConnect. Built for seamless integration between your system and ours — you can track your service activity in one place.

  • Improved data accessibility
  • Works with your existing process
  • Dedicated Account Integration Specialist
  • Enables two-way communication
  • ServiceNow Certified App

Streamline your workflow

Reduce time spent managing your data center support by keeping your team and maintenance activity on your existing platform.

Align your resources

Say goodbye to duplicated efforts. ExpressConnect acts on an alert from your existing system by automatically opening a service ticket for you and prompting a call from your Service Express engineer to discuss service plans.

Maximize your investment

Leverage your current solutions for unified data tracking, insights and reporting at no additional cost.

Custom-built solution 

Using a homegrown solution? Create custom integrations of your ITSM to automate ticketing workflows with our adaptable API. 

ExpressConnect® Integration FAQs

Find answers to common questions about integrating with ExpressConnect. Contact us to learn more about our integration options and how you can streamline your workflow.

How do we integrate with ExpressConnect?

To start building integrations with ExpressConnect, contact your Account Executive to schedule time with an Integration Specialist. We provide the resources needed for you to complete the integration, including instructions and documentation. The timeline to integrate our systems is dependent on the bandwidth of your software engineer.

Which programming languages are compatible with the API?

Our API integration is compatible with all programming languages. We’re able to make adjustments to fit your custom needs. 

When would I use your custom API?

You can use our custom API to automate ticketing workflows using your homegrown monitoring or ticketing system.

Our support team will help your developer integrate your system with ours. We provide the resources needed for a successful integration, including:

  • Instructions & documentation
  • A secure developer portal
  • Templated code

You will also have a Dedicated Account Integration Specialist to assist you along the way and help with any technical questions you may have.

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Let’s talk about upgrading your maintenance

With ExpressConnect, your day just got easier.

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