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How Service Express is Helping Clients Meet Sustainability Goals with a New Specialty Cloud Solution

Service Express has developed an offering with IBM which helps our clients modernise IT infrastructure securely while helping to reduce energy consumption.

We know many organisations are looking to modernise IT systems in the most cost-effective way, while dealing with the security vulnerabilities of complex digital supply chains. That’s why we have worked with IBM to offer a specialty cloud solution to our customers for the first time. Comprising the IBM Power10 server with support through Red Hat Enterprise Linux, clients will have the flexibility to move sensitive data and workloads to wherever they are needed.  

In addition, Power10’s advanced security features provide added layers of security at the infrastructure level to help clients fend off ransomware attacks and other security threats. 

At the same time, environmental, sustainability and governance (ESG) goals are at the top of the agenda for many organisations, which don’t want their digital transformation to compromise their ability to be more energy efficient and reduce carbon emissions. 

That’s why it is so important that by leveraging the new solution, we are also bolstering the sustainability credentials of Service Express’s cloud offering. Sustainability has long been high on our agenda, leading to our decision in 2010 to open a data centre designed to Tier IV industry standards – the highest-class certification available.  

Service Express’s new implementation of IBM’s Power10 server ensures energy usage will be lowered by eight times compared to previous architectures 

Making data centres more energy efficient 

The world’s data centres currently consume about 1% of the global electricity supply, so it’s crucial that our industry invests in technology that maximises data centre energy efficiency. This is where IBM’s Power10 comes in. It uses IBM’s first 7nm processor, providing three times greater energy efficiency than its predecessor.  

“IBM Power10 is enabling Service Express to re-think our product portfolio, ensuring sustainability underpins all our offerings”, says Darren Smith, Head of Product & Innovation at Service Express Europe. “Leveraging IBM’s hybrid cloud platform will not only enable our clients to accelerate their digital transformations securely, it will also support their efforts to meet ambitious energy efficiency goals and reduce their carbon footprints.” 

Service Express’ giant leap towards a more sustainable future 

The powerful new capabilities of our new specialty cloud offering and its scalability-focused design offers competitive advantages for environmentally-minded organisations. Just six IBM Power10 servers can perform the role of 32 servers from the preceding generations. Out of those six, only four need to be allocated as production environments. This leads to a number of benefits that help clients address their sustainability goals, such as: 

  • Using up to eight times less energy 
  • Fewer requirements for cooling 
  • Reducing their carbon footprint eight-fold 
  • Less hardware to produce 
  • Fewer cables to maintain and replace 

All in all, this represents a giant leap in innovation for Service Express. Not only does the solution help lower our carbon footprint while increasing technical performance, but it also readies the business to exploit new sustainable technologies of the future. 

Reinforcing Service Express’ sustainability commitments 

With the Power10 server line introduced to Service Express’ world-class data centres, it complements the company’s existing credentials for environmental responsibility. 

Thanks to Service Express’ efforts to establish one of Europe’s greenest data centres, the company is approved for the Climate Change Agreement (CCA) scheme by the UK Government’s Environment Agency. This symbolises a recognition of our efforts to reduce energy use and carbon dioxide emissions. All energy used in our primary data centre comes from renewable sources and Service Express’s Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) rating is 1.14, surpassing the common industry standard of 1.6. 

IBM is also committed to its own sustainability and environmental responsibility and has pledged to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030

The collaboration makes sense for Service Express and will help us uphold our environmental reputation and further protect the critical resources we depend on. 

If your organisation is interested in fulfilling its green agenda, feel free to get in touch with Service Express to learn more about their eco-friendly capabilities. As an industry-leading data centre solutions provider, the company specialises in global multivendor maintenance, specialty cloud, managed infrastructure services, hardware solutions and more. 

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