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Data Centre Sustainability: the race to meet net zero carbon emissions

Recent years have seen buyers demand more from organisations to battle the negative impact we have on the environment, a call that has echoed its way through supply chains. It’s a call that governments and official bodies have mirrored, the European Green Deal introduced at the end of 2019 and the outcomes of the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) at the end of 2021 are prime examples.

Both aim to help improve the world we live in. With over 90% of world GDP and roughly 90% of global emissions now covered by net zero commitments, strengthened by the Glasgow Climate Pact made at COP26, governments are leading the way for a green and digital transformation.

The Specialty Cloud solution from Service Express enables organisations to take the twin approach of green credentials and digital transformation. Allowing an organisation to move to a secure, reliable, and agile cloud platform, as well as one that works towards net zero carbon emissions – a beneficial addition for any organisation in the current climate.

When looking for a cloud service there are many qualities to look for in both solution and provider. The infrastructure the service is delivered on is equally as important as the solution at hand, and so often overlooked.

Building a greener data centre

Hosted in our Tier IV by design sustainable data centre in the UK, our specialty cloud has its roots in climate consideration. The data centre was built in 2010, with a design objective to minimise the effect on the environment for the business and our customers. Our goal is to reach a Power Utilisation Effectiveness (PUE) as close to 1.1 as possible. Currently, we run an industry leading PUE rating of between 1.1 and 1.14, which means our data centre energy efficiency is in the top ‘very efficient’ category.

We achieved this with the installation of our own patented eco-cooling system, delivering ideal temperatures from adiabatic cooling, floor voids, cold aisle containment and warm air recycling. Our building management system (BMS) updates every 20 seconds, allowing us to link the functionality of all the building equipment together to operate as a complete integrated eco-friendly system. The system significantly reduces operational costs and controls the building’s energy usage therefore optimising energy efficiency and minimising waste. Recent investments using advances in technology for UPS systems, cooling fans and LED lights has also ensured we are at optimal efficiency.

With our sustainable data centre, we are saving in excess of 100 tonnes of CO2 each year, a saving we have been able to pass on to our customers as part of their own net zero company goals.

Upgrading sustainability measures

Our commitment to our customers and our planet drives us to do more. Our latest effort includes powering our data centre with all renewable energy through Drax. Renewable energy is far better for the planet, and it has allowed us to keep our energy costs down amidst rising energy prices, keeping costs low for customers in our data centre. As an active Climate Change Agreement (CCA), participant, we continue to improve and manage our own accountability to sustainable practices.

Finding new ways to reduce waste, protect critical resources and offer sustainable solutions is how we step up as an organisation to make a positive environmental difference in the world. In taking these important steps it has made us a recognised and sustainable specialty cloud service provider.

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