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Why Specialty Cloud for IBM Power has the right ingredients for your critical applications

Similar to meal delivery services, Specialty Cloud for IBM Power has the components to change your business landscape. Keep reading to discover how.

Written by   Darren Smith | January 17, 2024
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Recently, our household found ourselves stuck in a monotonous dinner routine. In search of excitement, we decided to try a meal kit delivery service. 

While we could easily buy all the items separately, the kits offer something more. They come with high-quality ingredients in perfect portions, reducing our food waste and introducing us to new, tantalising recipes crafted by culinary experts. This shift in our daily dining spiced up our meals and sparked a realisation. Combining individual elements to create something greater mirrors the principles we see in the IT world. 

Pre-packaged ingredients for your cloud solution

In the same way we rejuvenated our dinner routine and introduced a zest of novelty and expertise with a meal kit delivery subscription, we crafted the Specialty Cloud for IBM Power solution to invigorate the business technology landscape. This innovation is more than a simple meal of services; it’s an experience tailored to fit modern enterprises’ dynamic and sophisticated palates. 

Specialty Cloud for IBM Power embodies the evolution of IT solutions, transcending traditional service boundaries to prioritise the stability, performance and integration of businesses’ critical applications. Synergising essential services such as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Infrastructure Security, Managed Operating Systems and Managed Backup and Recovery creates a unified solution to enhance efficiency and cohesiveness for an enterprise’s vital operations, regardless of size. 

Why dig into Specialty Cloud?

Emphasising time efficiency and scalability, Specialty Cloud stands at the forefront of business technology, propelling rapid deployment and facilitating swift adaptation to changing market demands. It’s not simply a feature but an intrinsic business strategy, offering a competitive advantage in the marketplace. 

The solution is built on unwavering reliability and promises consistent performance and quality. Businesses can thus focus on their core activities, reassured by a stable and reliable IT infrastructure. 

IBM i users have long grappled with extensive maintenance windows that disrupt business continuity. Recognising this pain point, Specialty Cloud for IBM Power has made significant strides in shrinking these windows to mere slivers of time. This advancement exemplifies Service Express’ commitment to innovation and represents a pivotal shift towards minimising downtime. Businesses can now enjoy a smoother, more reliable operation of their IBM Power infrastructure, a marked improvement that reflects our dedication to continuously elevating user experience. 

The secret sauce for your critical applications

Sustainability is a cornerstone of the cloud solution, operationalised through its deployment in eco-friendly availability zones renowned for their exceptional energy efficiency. This strategic decision underscores dedication to environmental stewardship, aligning with broader objectives of resource conservation and carbon footprint reduction. 

The solution reduces its impact while achieving operational excellence by harnessing the latest green technology and energy-saving practices. The balance between environmental mindfulness and peak performance exemplifies a forward-thinking approach, ensuring business operations are optimised for maximum output and leave the smallest possible environmental imprint. 

The security framework within Specialty Cloud is designed to fortify operational integrity and confidentiality, bolstering IBM i, AIX, Linux and Microsoft Windows operating environments. By integrating advanced security measures, the platform guarantees uninterrupted and secure operations. Features such as robust encryption protocols, fortified firewalls and vigilant, ongoing system updates create a layered defensive strategy, enhancing the protection of your data and applications from potential threats. This approach cultivates a secure and resilient operational environment, reinforcing trust and stability within your IT infrastructure. 

Your cloud solution is served

Just as our household’s foray into meal kit delivery transformed mundane dinners into culinary adventures, our Specialty Cloud for IBM Power solution promises to transform your IT infrastructure. It’s a partnership aimed at nurturing your business’s growth with innovation and a shared commitment to success — savouring the journey towards a future where your business goals and our technological expertise blend into the perfect recipe. 

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