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Service Express COO Dwight Strayer Named Executive Vice President of Service Industry Association (SIA)

June 3, 2019

Grand Rapids, MI – The Service Industry Association (SIA), a global organization of companies supporting the high technology service supply chain, has named Service Express Chief Operating Officer Dwight Strayer as Executive Vice President.

“I am very pleased to have Dwight step into the Executive Vice President role,” said SIA Chairman & President Tom York. “As part of the Executive Committee, Dwight’s industry knowledge and experience along with strong leadership, will further advance the association’s position of the global community where Independent Service Provider executives come for insight, collaboration and networking.”

Dwight joined SIA in 2012 to increase his knowledge of industry trends, assist fellow third-party providers overcome challenges and identify future strategies, and advocate for the third-party maintenance market. He became a board member in 2014, working to add value to members through SIA’s three pillars: Insights, Collaboration and Networking.

Throughout its history, SIA has been instrumental in fighting for the rights of high technology end users. Initiatives have included: the Right to Repair Act (now part of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act established in 1998), friend of the court briefs, white papers and complaints filed with the Department of Justice to the United States, European Council, and Canadian Commission in support of open and competitive service. SIA also supports Digital Right To Repair with legislation pending in four states.

“Our membership with SIA is extremely valuable to Service Express,” says Service Express COO Dwight Strayer.  “We have grown our partnership network, allowing us to better serve our customers. We also have the opportunity to assist other companies which helps our industry grow in recognition and adoption worldwide.”


About SIA

Service Industry Association (SIA) was founded in 1985 as the leading trade association for companies engaged in the repair of electronic hardware and in support of the high tech service industry. Through research and analysis of market data and trends, identification of best practices, and thought leadership, SIA fulfills their mission of providing industry insight and points of view to members as well as providing advocacy of the overall industry. Networking via annual and regional meetings, educational, and other venues provide members opportunities to collaborate with peers, partners, and other organizations on industry, business, professional and personal growth topics. By 2022, SIA’s Vision is to be the global community where Independent Service Provider executives come for insight, collaboration and networking. Learn more about SIA at servicenetwork.org.

About Service Express

Service Express is a leading third-party maintenance (TPM) provider of hardware support for data center infrastructure focused on mission-critical server, storage, and network equipment.  In addition to post-warranty maintenance, Service Express offers hardware system solutions, sales and upgrades, OS support, IT asset recovery and data center relocation services. Founded in 1993, Service Express maintains multivendor data center equipment for hospitals, manufacturing plants, universities, banks, Fortune 500 companies, financial institutions, government agencies, and other mid-to-large companies worldwide. For more information about Service Express, visit serviceexpress.com.

For press inquiries, please contact Josh Leatherman at jleatherman@serviceexpress.com or call 616-698-2221

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