Partnerships with Service Express

Increase Your Revenues With a Partner You Can Trust


From Equipment VARs, Colocations and Telecom Brokers to Managed Service Providers and Contract Management Consultants, Service Express helps companies build a pure profit revenue stream by leveraging your current equipment or customers.

You have a great story, Service Express has a great story. When we tell it together we are infinitely more successful.

What can Service Express do for you?

  • Transparent communication. We work together with you on an action plan to structure deals that benefit all parties involved.
  • Integrity first. Our reputation is built on serving customer’s needs. We focus on meeting needs and maintaining trust.
  • Ongoing returns. Once introduced to the end user, any and all new opportunities with them will go through you as a partner.
  • Value to the end user. Our people, processes and parts are our competitive advantages.

Interested in a Partnership?

Let’s discuss the opportunities available for you and Service Express!

We invest more in parts than the competition and we stock the right, quality parts in local offices for immediate availability.
Our first trip repair rate is 97% and we follow up after the problem is resolved to ensure there are no additional issues.
Our service team is professional, knowledgeable, friendly and customer-focused.
Customers are on the phone for less than 90 seconds when placing a service call – an engineer calls back within 30-minutes and arrives on-site in 4 hours.

Pure Profit Revenue Stream

Our partner program allows for nearly 100% of the revenue to be pure profit rather than EBITDA.

Minimal Time Investment

Provide the introduction and Service Express will do all the heavy lifting, leveraging our highly effective sales process so you can stay focused on your core business.

Increase Your Wallet Share

Grow additional revenue with your current customers and prospects by adding flexible offerings from Service Express.

Low Business Risk

Service Express provides parts, labor and smarts so you can focus on driving revenue rather than support tickets.

Bundle Our Offerings

Create a competitive advantage by combining Service Express’ cost-saving model with your current service suite.
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