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How it Works


Is Service Express Right for You?

At Service Express we don’t just look to hire the skill; skill can be learned. We hire the will. We focus on the innate capacity an individual brings to the organization.

Our talent acquisition team is NOT limited to a perfect set of criteria and bullets on a resume. We look beyond that…we spot the thinkers, the achievers, the scrappers, the zen masters, the non-label wearers, the misfits, the ones who fail forward and the ones who won’t accept “because we have always done it that way” as an answer.


Interview Process

A two-way street. Our goal is to create an opportunity for candidates to get to know us and for us to get to know them…so that by the end, both the candidate and the hiring manager know this is the right fit!

Phone Interview

A discovery conversation with a Service Express Talent Acquisition Specialist to ensure that a candidate’s background and goals align with the position.

Chronological Interview

An in-depth follow-up interview with the Talent Acquisition Specialist to walk through a candidate’s full career history.


Hiring Manager

A meeting with the manager of the team, to get to know the candidate and determine how he or she might fit with the team.

Ride Along

The candidate gets a “test drive” of the role by shadowing someone doing the job or leading the team.

Final Interview

A wrap-up meeting, typically with the hiring manager, to address any additional questions or concerns from either side.


Extend Offer

If all goes well, the hiring manager reaches out to the candidate to extend the official offer and welcome him or her to Service Express!

On-Boarding and Training


Identifying and optimizing personal strengths in the workplace is a priority. Each new employee completes the Gallup StrengthsFinder assessment.


New employees learn firsthand about our culture, Vision and history through a variety of conversations, training, and networking sessions.

First Day

It starts at our headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan and includes a warm welcome, fun swag and a customized agenda.


During the next several weeks, new employees continue spending one-to-one coaching time with their managers, mentors and team members.


Career Development for a Lifetime

We know that promoting employee engagement means supporting the pursuit of professional development. Each Service Express team member is expected to continue learning and building their skills. Collaboration between employees and managers is key to identifying opportunities that are beneficial to career growth, including certifications, seminars, conferences and training sessions.

At Service Express, professional development is more than a catchphrase. As passionate employees learn and grow, and they can also advance in their careers. There is no better feeling than seeing talented team members promoted within our own four walls and driving growth with the company!