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Alternative to Cisco Support

Maximize the value of your Cisco equipment. Explore your post-warranty maintenance options for solutions that best fit your needs.

Understanding post-warranty
support shouldn’t be complicated

When the warranty coverage ends for your server, storage or network hardware, do you know what your post-warranty options are?

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OEM post-warranty maintenance

If you continue with OEM support, you’ll often find this option includes:
• Costly service coverage
• Contract restrictions and penalties
• Support limitations over time
• Pressure to refresh equipment

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Third-party maintenance (TPM) option

You have control of your equipment and support decisions with TPM solutions. Advantages include:
• Extended equipment life cycles
• Improved service quality
• Flexibility to make changes
• Lower service coverage costs

Cisco post-warranty support FAQ

Yes, according to Cisco, all customers are eligible to receive support from Cisco TAC for certain security vulnerabilities, regardless of contract status. Free software updates may also be offered on a case-by-case basis for critical and high-severity security advisories.

Cisco states the following in its security vulnerability policy:  

Incident Response Eligibility 

All customers, regardless of contract status, are eligible to receive support from the Cisco TAC for a known or reasonably suspected security vulnerability in Cisco products and services. For more information about how to contact the Cisco TAC, see the General Security Related section of this document. Customers who contact the Cisco TAC should reference the URL of the Cisco security publication to assist in connecting with the proper support team. 

Cisco may enforce relicensing and/or inspection of equipment before reinstating support.  

In our experience, once coverage has been transferred to our TPM solution, customers rarely return to Cisco support. The decision to use our maintenance occurs only after careful analysis and evaluation of the Cisco equipment and its support needs.  

 We will work to extend the life of your Cisco equipment as long as we can:  

a. Access quality spare parts

b. Meet your business needs 

When we are no longer able to meet parts or business needs, we will recommend refresh or upgrade options.

For our customers requiring continued access to updates that are not freely available or have reached the End of Software Maintenance, we recommend continued support with Cisco until access to the entitled updates is no longer required or available. 

Find the EOSL dates for the Cisco equipment in your environment by using our EOL & EOSL Database.   

The end of service life (EOSL) date marks the end of the standard limited hardware warranty and the end of the extended warranty if applicable. After the EOSL date, Cisco will no longer provide software updates or technical support for the affected product or family of products. At that point, third-party maintenance can offer you the option to extend the equipment’s life cycle and reduce support costs.

Yes, we have engineers with Cisco Certification levels ranging from CCENT to CCIE. 

A major advantage of third-party maintenance is that it provides a cost-effective option for organizations using equipment that no longer requires Cisco Smart Net or support due to freely available updates, no updates being developed or Cisco’s last day of support has been reached.

TPM providers are great alternatives for traditional HCI maintenance due to their cost-effectiveness, flexibility and expertise. Service Express provides reliable and efficient maintenance services, utilizing in-depth knowledge and experience to navigate the complexities of HCI environments.

Meet three of our Cisco experts

Brandon Harmsen Headshot

Brandon Harmsen

Technical Solutions Manager

5 Years at Service Express

Brandon supports strategic IT decision-making by identifying opportunities to optimize maintenance and offering data-driven recommendations for Cisco products.

Craig Edwards headshot in blue polo shirt

Craig Edwards

Lead Network Engineer
18 years in the industry,
CCNA & CCNP Certified

Craig prioritizes customer satisfaction by providing clear and effective communication while resolving problems as quickly as possible.

Jim DelRe headshot

Jim DelRe

Senior Network Engineer
Over 20 years in the industry,
CCIE Certified

Jim is committed to customer success and is passionate about working with technology. His extensive experience includes leading network teams and supporting network infrastructure projects for various customers.

Supported Cisco products

UCS Series


MCS Series

MDS Series



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Post-warranty resources for you

We’re here to help you get the information you need for a more successful maintenance strategy.

EOL & EOSL Database: Find important OEM dates that can impact your post-warranty support.

Maintenance Navigator: Connect with our experts for a customized review of your data center maintenance options, including both OEM and TPM support recommendations.

ExpressConnect®: Eliminate exposure risks by tracking warranty coverage for your data center assets in our all-in-one platform.

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