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How to maintain hyperconverged infrastructure

Maintaining hyperconverged infrastructure poses unique challenges due to its complexity. Discover more about your options and how to navigate roadblocks.

Written by   Chad Peters | March 1, 2024

Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) has revolutionized the IT landscape, offering streamlined operations and scalability. This blog explores the challenges of maintaining HCI and why third-party maintenance (TPM) is a viable solution.

What is hyperconverged infrastructure? 

HCI is a single software-defined platform that integrates the same components as converged infrastructure (CI) into one system. In addition to enhancing scalability, this type of infrastructure can improve performance and reduce costs. Discover more about the differences between converged and hyperconverged infrastructure.  

Challenges of hyperconverged infrastructure 

Maintaining HCI poses unique challenges, including frequent updates and complex layered software. 

HCI environments often face the dilemma of keeping pace with frequent software and hardware updates. Failure to stay current can lead to performance issues and security vulnerabilities. 

In addition, HCI solutions often utilize layered software, requiring a specialized skill set for effective servicing. Expert knowledge is crucial for handling complexities introduced by plugins and software layers, especially when maintaining infrastructure spanning multiple manufacturers. 

The importance of planning for proper maintenance 

Efficient maintenance begins with strategic planning. Organizations must go beyond a reactive approach and embrace proactive strategies. Proper maintenance planning extends the lifecycle of HCI components, maximizing the return on investment. 

Benefits of third-party maintenance for hyperconverged infrastructure 

TPM can be a strategic choice for addressing the complexities of maintaining HCI. 

Compared to OEM maintenance, TPM providers can offer significant cost savings. This means organizations can maintain their HCI configurations without compromising quality or budgets. 

A reputable TPM provider brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record in maintaining diverse HCI environments. Service Express engineers possess a broad skill set to support various HCI solutions and are well-versed in handling HCI complexities and providing comprehensive maintenance services. 

Our team has completed extensive research and development on HCI through breaking, fixing and relocating equipment in our research labs. This enables our engineers to develop and enhance the skills needed to maintain and service major players in the HCI space. 

Service Express specializes in supporting various HCI solutions, including Cisco Hyperflex, Dell EMC VxRail, HPE SimpliVity and Nutanix NX appliances. Our experts are equipped to navigate the nuances of these systems, ensuring reliable and efficient maintenance. 

Leveraging a trusted maintenance partner 

In the dynamic realm of HCI, strategic maintenance planning is crucial. Choosing a TPM provider for your maintenance strategy delivers cost savings and places your infrastructure with experienced professionals. With a proven track record and expertise in various HCI configurations, Service Express stands out as a reliable partner for organizations seeking seamless and effective maintenance. 

By embracing TPM, organizations can confidently navigate the complexities of maintaining their HCI environments, ensuring continuous innovation and optimal performance. 

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