Cisco Support: Network Maintenance

EOSL alert on April 30, 2022 for the following: Cisco MDS, Cisco Nexus Switches
EOSL alert on August 31, 2022 for the following: Cisco ASA Security Appliances
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An Alternative to Cisco Smart Net & TAC Support

Cost Savings

A better fit for your budget with up to 70% savings over Cisco Smart Net


Onsite engineers and flexible coverage options. Don’t pay for features of Smart Net that you aren’t using!

Service Delivery

Reliable support from our Cisco-certified TAC engineers and local onsite engineers

Find out more about Cisco support services:

  • Is there a trustworthy Cisco support alternative to Cisco Smart Net contracts?
  • What are benefits of a Smart Net alternative option?
  • Why should you consider a different Cisco support provider?
  • What is a hybrid Cisco support approach and what does it mean for my data center?
  • What do I do if my Smart Net contract expires soon?

Get more insight on third-party Cisco support options

Trusted Cisco Third-Party Support

The option is yours. You can choose an alternative Cisco support solution instead of renewing your Smart Net contract, but why should you consider changing to a third-party Cisco support provider?

Drive data center cost reduction without compromising your network uptime.
Avoid premiums, restrictive contracts and a convoluted support structure.

Benefit with smarter service delivery by TAC engineers for your Cisco network maintenance. 

Benefits of a Cisco Support Smart Net Alternative | Third-Party Cisco Support

Expert Tip: Consider Hybrid Cisco Support

Meet your network support needs using both Smart Net and Service Express

Are you one of the many Cisco network users who do not use or need all of the features included in a high cost Smart Net contract? We can assist you in identifying opportunities for savings for each Cisco device and help you better understand your maintenance options based on equipment type, generation and any location demands.


WEBINAR: Beyond Smart Net: Exploring the Alternative to Cisco Maintenance

Learn how to take a hybrid approach for flexibility and savings with Cisco third-party maintenance & support.

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Cisco Support Network Solutions Engineer

Brandon Harmsen
Network Solutions Engineer
14 years Cisco experience

Our Certified Cisco Engineers will help you find cost savings while meeting your needs and expectations for TAC support, hardware replacement and software.

Supported Cisco Network Maintenance Products

Cisco Catalyst

  • Catalyst 2950G
  • Catalyst 2960 (X,XR,L,C,S,G)
  • Catalyst 3560 (C,CX,CG,X,E,G)
  • Catalyst 3650
  • Catalyst 3750 (X,E,G)
  • Catalyst 3850
  • Catalyst 4500/4500-E/4500-X
  • Catalyst 4900, 4900M
  • Catalyst 6500/6500-E
  • Catalyst 6800
  • Catalyst 9200/ 9300/9400

Cisco Routers

  • 800
  • 900
  • 1800/1900
  • 2600/2800
  • 2900/3900
  • ISR4200/4300/4400
  • ASR1000/ASR1000-X

Cisco Firewalls

  • ASA5505
  • ASA5510
  • ASA5512
  • ASA5515
  • ASA5520
  • ASA5540
  • ASA5545
  • ASA5580
  • PIX

Cisco Nexus

  • Nexus 2000
  • Nexus 3000
  • Nexus 5000
  • Nexus 6000
  • Nexus 7000
  • Nexus 9000

Cisco Wireless

Wireless LAN controller (WLC) series

  • 2100
  • 2504
  • 3504
  • 4400
  • 5508
  • 5520
  • 5710
  • 8510
  • 9800

Access point series

  • 1100
  • 1200
  • 1500
  • 1600
  • 1702I
  • 1800
  • 2600
  • 2702
  • 2800
  • 3500
  • 3600
  • 3700
  • 3800
  • 4800
  • 9000
  • 9100
*We continuously add to our supported products—if you do not see your equipment listed, please contact us.

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Meeting Your Cisco Network Maintenance Coverage Needs

Choose the Service Level Agreement that is the best fit for your Cisco TAC support.


30-minute engineer callback

Four hour onsite response


Same Business Day

30-minute engineer callback

Four hour onsite response

M-F, 8am-5pm

Next Business Day

30-minute engineer callback

Next business day onsite response

M-F, 8am-5pm


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