IT Asset Recovery & Removal

Find the right IT asset recovery solution for your business. Discover:

  • What is IT asset recovery?
  • How to begin removing retired IT equipment
  • What security steps are taken with decommissioned assets?
  • How does IT asset recovery benefit IT budget?

Asset Recovery Solutions: Find Value in Your Decommissioned IT Assets

What is IT asset recovery?

IT asset recovery and recycling is prolonging the usable life of data center servers, storage and networking by selling retired assets. It also encompasses clearing up data center floor space by recycling aged equipment in a responsible and environmentally friendly way.

Are you consolidating, developing a cloud strategy or introducing a hybrid solution in your data center? As your IT infrastructure evolves over time – whether retiring, growing, updating, or upgrading equipment – these changes can result in asset management challenges.

Be proactive. Stop your IT equipment from losing value and wasting prime space in your data center. Let us help you with our professional asset recovery solutions. Recover more value from your surplus IT equipment – request a quote today.

Need IT asset recovery services?

Cost-effective removal & recycling of your data center IT assets.

Why Choose Service Express for Your Asset Recovery Solutions?



It is a quick and simple transaction for you; we handle the details, transport and disposal. Easy asset recovery management.


Depending on the potential value of your retired IT equipment, you can earn cash or maintenance credit.


The disposal and recycling of your IT hardware equipment is both safe and environmentally sound.

Convenient IT Asset Recovery Service

Removing decommissioned gear is not as difficult as you may think – just three easy steps.

  1. Send us your retired IT equipment hardware list. (We accept most servers, storage and networking gear.)
  2. We issue a quote for service – which includes the value of your enterprise hardware equipment.
  3. Based on your timeline, we coordinate a date for pick up and shipment for your IT asset disposition.

Return on Investment

Reclaim value from your retired equipment to use towards your IT budget needs.

  • The sooner you are able to recycle your IT hardware assets, the greater the residual value.
  • Based on the potential value of your equipment, we may provide cash or a credit towards data center maintenance, system purchases or IT hardware upgrades.
  • There are no additional shipping costs for removing your decommissioned assets.

Peace of Mind

IT asset disposition & recycling is accomplished by following a strict four-step protocol.

  • Assets are transported to our Distribution Warehouse.
  • Equipment is processed according to DoD and NIST standards in our Production Lab – all drives are removed and data is wiped in our purpose built data-erasure systems.
  • Equipment is tested and torn down for parts.
  • For the remainder of non-inventoried parts, we ensure IT asset recycling and a zero-landfill policy.

Quality Asset Recovery: Secure Data Destruction

The process for recycling your retired data center equipment follows strict DoD and NIST compliance steps. Service Express CTO, Jake Blough, covers the Service Express data destruction process for quality asset recovery.

We are your secure IT asset recovery specialists.


Service Express

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We make it easy to address your IT equipment surplus. Asset recovery specialists are waiting to help.

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