Service Express Announces New Monitoring and Integration Offerings with ExpressConnect®

July 20, 2020

Grand Rapids, MI – Service Express, a leader in third-party data center maintenance, has released its new monitoring and API integration as a part of the ExpressConnect® platform. These tools help busy IT professionals manage their data center and simplify their service. ExpressConnect offers centralized and automated resources making data center management seamless. New and upgraded features of the platform include:

  • Monitoring – Real-time hardware alerts, automated ticketing with immediate fault diagnosis and the capability to monitor server, storage and network data center equipment. With automated data center alerts and ticketing, customers spend less time on service issues and more time on high-level priorities.
  • Portal – View service agreements, equipment, ticket status and support history, schedule service callbacks to fit busy schedules and communicate directly with engineers. In the portal, customers gain interactive access and visibility into their server and account information from anywhere at any time.
  • API Integration – Access tickets easily in a preferred native platform, optimize current processes and monitor data center equipment all in one location. Customers can continue using their existing systems with the seamless API integration.

Using ExpressConnect, IT professionals can streamline data center support, minimize downtime and gain access to all the tools they need in one central location.

“This revamped platform gives our customers the power of automation and flexibility they have come to expect from Service Express,” says Chief Customer Officer Rob Miller. “ExpressConnect gives our customers peace of mind that failures will be addressed quickly and accurately – minimizing their downtime. We know customers have invested in ITSM and monitoring tools of their own, that’s why we give the option to automate their processes as much as possible. Offering our customers the flexibility to choose how and where they integrate is a part of providing an outstanding experience.”

To learn more about the latest updates and features of ExpressConnect, visit the Service Express website to learn more.

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