Service Express Expands Customer Service Hours to Offer 24/7 Support

July 30, 2018

Grand Rapids, MI– Service Express, a leading third-party maintenance (TPM) provider headquartered in Michigan, has announced expanded customer support hours to deliver an in-house customer service experience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Specializing in post-warranty server, storage and network support, Service Express offers cost-effective and customer-focused data center solutions for a wide variety of industries. Service Express previously offered 24/7 coverage through use of call center rollovers, but this marks the beginning of a fully in-house customer support line after hours.

“We listen to our customers in order to provide the best service experience, and one of the things we started seeing an interest in was a 24/7 Service Express call center,” said Service Express Vice President of Service Rob Miller.

By moving the support line in-house after hours, customers will have a more consistent experience at any hour they call for service. Service Express customer support coordinators have full access to account histories, so customers can expect a friendly and knowledgeable point of contact when placing support calls. As always, customers will receive a callback within 30 minutes from their engineer once a service call is placed.

“This new 24/7 team is always available to deliver a seamless experience for customers no matter the time or day they’re seeking help,” said Service Express Customer Support Manager Christine Farrell.

The 24-hour customer support team can be reached at 800.940.5585.

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