Third-Party Maintenance vs. OEM Support

When it comes to third-party maintenance post-warranty, shouldn’t the advantage really go to you?

Third-Party Maintenance vs. OEM Support

OEM support vs. third-party support – be prepared with what to know for each:

  • How costs differ and why
  • Coverage and service offers of each
  • Flexibility and support options for both
  • Is there possibility of customization?
  • Which fits your needs better?
  • Which option should you choose?

Original Equipment Manufacturer

Status Quo

When it comes to post-warranty maintenance, shouldn’t the advantage really go to you?

Third-Party Maintenance Provider

The Alternative

How Third-Party Maintenance Saves Money



  • Sky-high costs

  • OEMs favor a new hardware sale over a maintenance contract (even when new hardware isn’t necessary).

  • High support costs can lead you back to the purchasing table sooner than really needed.


  • Significantly lower costs

  • Third-party maintenance providers’ goal is to meet your need with the best custom solution. 

  • Lower maintenance costs keep your current data center equipment functioning well, even post-warranty. 

OEM versus TPM Coverage



  • One brand only – no option or flexibility

  • OEM engineers service their own brand of gear only – data centers with more than one brand will need another engineer

  • Unnecessary time is spent on determining who “owns” a problem rather than taking action to fix a problem, extending your downtime. 


  • Multiple vendor options for your whole data center

  • Third-party maintenance engineers apply expertise to a variety of OEM storage, server and network gear, not just a single brand. 

  • Your issue is resolved no matter what – your third-party maintenance support engineer is your dedicated service provider and understands your custom solution.

OEM versus TPM Options



  • “Our way is the only way”

  • OEM contracts tend to lock you into a narrow set of data center support options.

  • Not unusual for your changes and customization requests to be met with delays and penalties. 


  • “Your way! We will customize your data center support.”

  • Third-party maintenance agreements offer you flexibility and a wide range of data center support options.

  • You’ll find one simple customized solution that solves multiple issues – data center updates, budget constraints, and other key business considerations. 

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