IBM Power Comparison: Power8, Power9 and Power10

Discover the differences between IBM Power8, Power9 and Power10 in our IBM Power Comparison. Need help selecting the right system for your needs? We can help!

Written by   Richie Palma | October 31, 2023
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In the IBM Power community, we’ve come to expect significant performance gains in each new generation of Power® servers. Over the years, I’ve been impressed with what the IBM Power team delivers in each new product family.

IBM Power performance comparison

When looking at different generations and releases, we do our best to compare similar models. Below you’ll find a commercial processing workload (CPW) performance comparison for Power8, Power9 and Power10 scale-out server models.  

With IBM’s dedication to chip density, core counts per central processing unit (CPU) grow. With our comparison criteria consisting of model type and core count, we’re limited to just a few consistent models for net performance increase calculations. That said, we found at least one server for each model type across all three IBM Power generations reviewed. 

What this IBM comparison doesn’t speak to is the investment IBM made to continue its long history of resiliency, dependability and security while remaining dedicated to reducing overall energy consumption.  

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