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Case Studies

Third-Party Maintenance Case Study | Retailer Saves Over $264K

Tasked by its finance department to implement cost efficiencies, a retailer sought changes to its large-scale data center operations. The core challenge was to meet the company’s business objectives goal with a limited IT budget.

Service Express offered multiple solutions for lowering costs, proving its value as a trusted partner.

Challenges Uncovered

Overspending on unnecessary services

Service Express connected with key stakeholders to learn about service gaps with the current provider and how they impacted operations.

The following roadblocks were identified:

  • Overspending on post-warranty maintenance by paying for 24/7 coverage on all systems regardless of criticality
  • IT department spending time installing shipped parts from partner despite paying for 24/7 onsite service
  • Following the traditional OEM refresh cycle – resulting in the high cost of refreshing equipment every three years

After presenting solutions for each challenge, the retailer moved forward to strengthen its support strategy.


New York, New York

In OpEx savings

Decrease in maintenance costs

Extended hardware refresh cycle by 2 years

The Service Express Solution

Optimized hardware refresh cycle and improved service delivery

Service Express addressed the company’s current hardware refresh cycle, which accounted for a large percentage of the IT department’s CapEx and OpEx budgets.

Given that the existing equipment met the retailer’s needs, Service Express suggested a new approach to its refresh strategy:

  • Extend hardware refresh cycle from three to five years
  • Customize service levels by criticality
  • Provide an onsite engineer response for all required repairs

The Results

Created a long-term strategy to reduce OpEx and free up internal resources

Opting for Service Express’ recommended solutions, the company reconfigured its hardware refresh cycle and equipment coverage approach. As a result, the IT department saved over $264K annually in OpEx costs and decreased maintenance spend by 60%. Service Express increased the productivity of the IT team by freeing up its time to spend on essential projects and innovations.

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