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What is Third-Party Maintenance (TPM)?

EPISODE TWO Our In a Flash video series aims to educate IT professionals on popular topics and solutions for data centres in a concise and straightforward way.   In this episode, Service Express IT aficionado, Chad, covers the basics of third-party maintenance and how it fits into your overall data centre maintenance strategy. How is third-party data centre maintenance different from OEM support? What […]

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What are End of Life (EOL) & End of Service Life (EOSL)?

Service Express resident IT expert, Chad, covers what EOL & EOSL really mean for your data centre and which options are available before committing to a contract. Do you buy new tech and have a hardware refresh, or can you partner with a third-party data centre maintenance provider and continue to use the equipment you have?

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Advantages of Using Third-Party Storage Support vs the OEM

As your storage equipment reaches end-of-service-life, you may feel pressured by the original equipment manufacturer to buy new. But what if your hardware is still performing effectively? In this webinar, we’ll take you through the options that exist beyond the warranty and demonstrate how you can maximise your current investment with third-party storage maintenance.

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Why Change to Third-Party Maintenance for Your Data Centre?

Working in the data centre comes with a multitude of responsibilities; you may be tasked with maximising uptime, improving security or steering the IT budget. Where does data centre maintenance fit in? In this webinar, we help you to take an informed look at the realities of equipment performance and life cycle, risk, objectives and the impact of third-party maintenance on your service and costs.

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Evaluating Cisco Smart Net Alternatives and Options

Where do you start when it comes to your Cisco network maintenance? In this webinar, we help you to take an informed look at the realities of equipment life cycle, software access, performance reliability and saving opportunities. Learn more about your options as we compare Smart Net and a support solution that gives you more flexibility and reduces your maintenance spend.

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30-Minute Service Callback: Data Centre Support

Placing a service call with certain maintenance providers can be the last thing you want to face. You’re calling for support – not hold times, phone trees and multiple transfers. When you call Service Express for support, it’s always easy and quick. And in 30 minutes or less, you’re talking directly to your engineer. See how we make placing a service call a breeze.