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Essential Data Centre Relocation & Migration Checklist

You can prepare for a successful data centre relocation by understanding the scope, creating a detailed project plan, communicating requirements and having the right resources in place.

Determine the following to help start planning an efficient data centre relocation:

  • Invest time and resources to create the data centre relocation plan
  • Use careful planning and methodical execution by determining prerequisites
  • Test backups to minimise downtime and risk
  • Plan for downtime of server, storage and network equipment
  • Account for all physical elements needed to move your data centre

How do you start planning a data centre relocation?

If you are leading your organisation’s next data centre move, you know you have a lot of moving parts, dates, resources and targets to coordinate. This checklist gives you a good starting point to begin creating a relocation plan that includes logistics, tasks and details. 

A comprehensive relocation project plan is indispensable. Invest time and resources in creating a plan that includes:

✓ An assigned project manager/owner

✓ Environment prerequisites

✓ Hardware prerequisites

✓ Software prerequisites

✓ Task prerequisites

✓ Key team players (who will be involved in the data centre relocation?)

✓ Key dates for each stage of your data centre relocation project

✓ A back-out plan

Use careful planning and methodical execution to achieve a successful data centre move. Add to your task prerequisites:

✓ Label cabling in both the existing and target data centres

✓ Backups completed

✓ DBAs and application administrators disable services

✓ Shut down and power off all data centre equipment

✓ Network administrator checks cabling, switch configuration and firewall connectivity

✓ OS Administrator remotely connects to console access to reconfigure network settings for the service (if not done prior to shutdown)

✓ OS Administrator checks health of OS, network and storage connectivity

✓ DBAs and application administrators check services

✓ QA team tests all applications and certifies the data centre environment

Minimise downtime and risk by testing backups in advance of your data centre relocation. Identify and follow the proper steps for your environment.

✓ Be aware of possible relocation risks and test how you would restore the data in the new data centre should things go awry

✓ Be ready with media and licence keys for installing backup server client software if needed

✓ Ensure that your backup and build servers are ready to go in the new data centre prior to the relocation date (Optional but recommended should you need to perform a server recovery)

Plan for the time and events you could encounter when shutting down your affected server, storage and/or network equipment.

✓ Are all applications shut down?

✓ Are all databases shut down?

✓ Test shutdown and start up

The day of your data centre move is next month. Make sure to account for:

✓ Physical size of doors/elevators/stairwells and loading dock/truck ramp

✓ Moving tools: fork lift, dolly, flatbed cart

✓ Area for packing and un-packing in both data centres

✓ Identifying your development, staging and production equipment to avoid misplacement at new site

✓ Un-racking and racking at new site

✓ Time for cabling needs

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