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Recovery Point improves customer experiences with the power of data-driven insights and comprehensive support

IT infrastructure and business resilience provider Recovery Point supports its customers with a wide variety of services, including cloud, disaster recovery, security, hosting, colocation and more. In 2020, Recovery Point began its search for partners to help transform and scale its existing data centres.

The company partnered with Service Express to focus on maintaining equipment performance, extending hardware lifecycles and eliminating unnecessary downtime to meet customer demands.

As a result, Recovery Point reduces performance risks for its customers to protect productivity, revenue and reputation.

Redirect resources to deliver on customer promises

As a cloud solutions provider, Recovery Point implements routine hardware upgrades and refreshes to meet customer performance, governance and security requirements.

Organising hardware refreshes for large quantities of equipment is an ongoing challenge. Service Express partners with Recovery Point’s infrastructure team to optimise the process by identifying which hardware to refresh or maintain using third-party maintenance.

Service Express’ recommendations, based on findings from inventory analysis, equipment insights and reliability data, strengthen Recovery Point’s immediate and long-term infrastructure strategy. As a result, the company redirects time, resources and budget from planning unnecessary hardware refreshes to improving customer experiences.

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Decrease time spent managing maintenance with proactive support

Recovery Point works tirelessly to prevent extended periods of downtime for its customers and their infrastructure. Service Express supports the effort to deliver uninterrupted service with prompt onsite response times and multivendor technical expertise. Service Express maintains an average 91.5% first-trip repair rate and an average 90-minute repair time for Recovery Point.

ExpressConnect® Monitoring automates hardware support for over 82% of the company’s equipment. When a hardware failure is detected, an alert is sent, and a service ticket is automatically placed, reducing the time spent requesting and following up on support. With prompt and proactive service, the Recovery Point team encounters fewer disruptions and enjoys greater reliability in their day-to-day operations.

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91.5% first-trip repair rate

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90-minute repair time

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82% of Recovery Point’s equipment
utilises ExpressConnect® Monitoring

Forecast future initiatives & resources

Recovery Point and Service Express are continuing to build their partnership to optimise data centre support. The two companies work closely together as Recovery Point leverages the advantages Service Express offers, including infrastructure expertise, data-driven insights, incident management, performance monitoring and more.

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