Manage your data center maintenance

Your day just got easier. ExpressConnect® is an all-in-one platform where you can manage your data center maintenance. Simplify your service with automated alerts, account insights, ticketing integration and more.

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Why ExpressConnect

What is ExpressConnect®?

ExpressConnect helps you automate more of your data center support and easily manage your service coverage.


  • Real-time hardware issue alerts
  • Automated ticketing with immediate fault diagnosis
  • Server, storage and network


  • Place tickets, track service status, view equipment and SLAs
  • Communicate directly with your
  • Schedule service callbacks

Take charge of your hardware maintenance with ExpressConnect to free up time, find what you need and keep your service on track.


Connect the power of your existing monitoring and ticketing systems. ExpressConnect integrates with the following providers:


Be more productive

With automated alerts and ticketing, you spend less time on service issues and more time on higher-level priorities.

How Does ExpressConnect Monitoring Work?
How Does ExpressConnect Portal Work?


Connect to what you need

Interactive access and visibility into your service and account information from anywhere at anytime.

Accomplish more with ExpressConnect®

Minimize your downtime
with automation

Think of hardware monitoring as your autopilot for alerts and ticketing. Equipment issues are automatically detected, diagnosed and ticketed for you. You just need to answer the phone when your engineer calls to arrange a fast first-time fix.

Easily access what
you need

Place service tickets, check status updates and chat with our in-house customer support team online. You can do more planning with visibility into your coverage and agreement information for reporting, budgeting, project and refresh cycle needs.

your support

Integrate with ExpressConnect for a seamless workflow. Continue using your existing monitoring and ticketing solutions to centralize your support activity and reduce complexity.

Insights from our customers

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Let’s talk about upgrading your maintenance

With ExpressConnect, your day just got easier.

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