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API Integration

API Integration

Keep it simple. Continue using your native ticketing platform to place and track service requests for your data center with Service Express. Our open API integration provides a seamless ticketing experience for you.

Easy two-way integration

Incorporate insights in your existing ticketing platform using our ExpressConnect® Application Programming Interface (API). The API integration allows two or more applications to connect to perform a joint function. Built for seamless integration between your system and ours — you can now see all of your tickets in one place!

API Advantages

Streamline your workflow

Automate your data center support by integrating your preferred monitoring and ticketing platforms with ExpressConnect.

Integrate your systems

With our adaptable API, developers can create custom integrations of their ITSM to automate ticketing workflows.

Maximize your resources

Save time by leveraging your current solutions. Integration gives you the opportunity to keep your team and maintenance activity on your existing monitoring and ticketing system.

Getting started with the API

The best way to start building integrations with ExpressConnect is to contact your Account Executive to set up time between our technical team and your developer. We will provide documentation, instructions, a secure developer portal and code, as well as a support contact to empower your developer to integrate your solution with ours.


Find answers to common questions about ExpressConnect API. Contact us to learn more about our flexible integration and how it can streamline your workflow.

What is API integration?
API stands for Application Programming Interface. API integration refers to how two or more applications can connect to each other to perform a joint task or function. API integrations allow multiple applications to talk to each other. In this case, your preferred monitoring and ticketing system work with the ExpressConnect platform.
Which programming languages are compatible with the API?
Our API integration is compatible with all programming languages. We’re able to make adjustments to fit your custom needs.
How do we integrate with ExpressConnect?
Start by talking with your account executive. You’ll then connect with our technical team to discuss the integration process to answer any questions you may have. Our support team will help your developer integrate your systems with ours. We supply the tools needed to complete the integration, including instructions, documentation, a secure developer portal, code and a support contact for any technical questions you may have. The timeline to integrate our systems is dependent on the bandwidth of your software engineer.
Which ticketing and monitoring systems can you integrate with?
We currently support integrations with homegrown systems. Our goal is to integrate with more platforms and continue to develop our API Integration offering.

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