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OnDeck® Predictive Sparing®

Eliminating data center parts delays and minimizing downtime

OnDeck Predictive Sparing | Service Express

The right parts at the right time

With OnDeck® Predicting Sparing®, the right parts for your server, storage and network equipment are already on your local shelf before you place a service ticket. With the power of our predictive algorithm, you can say goodbye to parts delays in your data center!

Our CTO, Jake Blough, explains how our proprietary algorithm in OnDeck®  Predictive Sparing®  can improve your data center support.

What is OnDeck Predictive Parts Sparing?

OnDeck is our fully predictive sparing tool designed to ensure we have the right data center parts at the right time for our customers. Service Express has created the first predictive system in the industry that removes the guesswork from parts sparing. OnDeck uses a proprietary algorithm to analyze usage trends for thousands of server, storage and network parts. The system determines when a part in the data center is going to fail, how it will fail and what part is needed for the repair.

How Does Predictive Parts Sparing Work?

It starts with collecting your data center hardware information and analyzing it. By completing an extensive parts audit for your infrastructure, we create a working profile for your equipment. We combine this information with over 15 years of historical service ticket and customer equipment data to help us better understand parts issues and deliver the most effective support for your data center.

As potential hardware issues are identified, needed data center parts are proactively shipped to your local Service Express office or stocking location. Every 30 minutes, parts trends are updated and analyzed using our machine learning algorithm. Local parts inventories are then fulfilled accordingly. Incoming updates grow OnDeck’s capacity to predict new high-fail parts needs before a hardware failure occurs.

OnDeck not only records and responds to data — it is fully predictive and can determine the likelihood of a potential parts failure based on multiple data sets.

How OnDeck Predictive Parts Sparing Works | Data Center Parts Solution

How Effective is OnDeck?

We measure effectiveness by the percentage of times the required part is available on the local shelf before a service call is placed. OnDeck’s sparing effectiveness is 90% and continues to increase as we collect more information. Equipment data is automatically analyzed 24/7 to identify gaps in parts inventory, update usage trends and integrate any new failure rates.

OnDeck’s Sparing Effectiveness


How Does OnDeck Impact My Data Center Uptime?

The reality is that equipment fails, but you can be confident knowing that we’re prepared to restore uptime with immediate access to the right hardware parts. You can count on our predictive parts sparing, 97% first-trip repair rate and experienced engineers to minimize disruptions and downtime. OnDeck Predictive Sparing eliminates data center parts delays and helps provide you with the best service experience!

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